PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers professional external hard drive recovery services. We can recover your data from any external hard drive, whether it is a logical or physical failure, with high-end recovery tools.

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External hard drives are mobile, and we use them generally to have flexibility in moving data between computers. These drives have more risk of failing than internally connected hard drives. They have more chance of getting dropped or hit by chance. Most of them fail due to the physical reasons.

Some of the Most Common Causes are:

  • Dropped External Drive
  • Unsafely Ejection of the Drive
  • Damaged USB Port of the Drive
  • File System Corruptions
  • Bad Sectors due to wear
  • PCB Failure due to Power Surge

We offer precision external hard disk data recovery services that cover all the above data loss scenarios and many more. Our certified data recovery engineers regularly make part replacements in the ISO Certified Class 10 Clean rooms to ensure the highest data recovery success rate. Our custom-built data recovery software supports all kinds of operating systems and logical problems.

If your external hard drive with valuable data on it failed, do not attempt to recover it yourself unless you are a specialist. Trying to recover data on your own, you may seriously damage the hard drive and permanently lose all the files. 

Instead, we recommend you to turn the device off and call our customer service team for a further data recovery process.

4TB WD External Hard Drive Recovery

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Reasons Why External Drives Fail

All external hard drives receive more physical impact than internal hard disk drives. Internal hard drives are generally fixed in computers and not used on mobile. The light weight of these devices makes them preferred data storage devices for personal and professional use.

Most of these devices use magnetic hard drives to store data. The more you carry, use it on the go, the more physical impact external hard drives receive. These physical shocks and vibration damages external hard drives over time. The mobility feature of external hard drives is the leading cause of their failure.

USB WD My Passport Hard Drive Recovery

Most Common Failures

There are two main types of causes of external hard drive failures. The first type is called logical failures, and the second one – physical shortcomingsPhysical failures are more common for external drives than internal hard drives.

As users carry these devices, they often drop them on the floor. This way they damage the hard drive itself and sometimes its USB port. USB flash drives and solid states drives are more durable to accidental drops.

Logical failures usually happen when users eject portable hard drives unsafely, and malicious software can corrupt file systems. Below we categorized the most common external hard drive problems. Our data recovery experts can help you to fix damaged drives and recover your precious data.

Logical Failures:
  • Lost Files and Folders
  • Corrupted File System
  • Lost Metadata Information
  • Decryption Failure
  • Accidental Formats
Physical Failures:
  • Dropped External Hard Drive
  • Clicking External Hard Drive
  • Jammed Spindle Motor
  • Broken USB Interface
  • PCB Failure

HDD Physical Damages

External hard drives differ in their incredibly convenient size and shape. This is why, millions of people carry external hard drives in backpacks and suitcases throughout their daily commute.

We agree that it is a beautiful modern invention for transporting terabytes of drive data. But this “in-transit” zone opens external hard drives to a litany of potential risks. The risks include physical smashingoverheating in the sun, or water damage from accidental spilling.

To help you notice the early signs of external hard drive physical failure, listen for glitching, ticking, or clicking sounds rapping from the device. 

If the data is critical, those odd noises alone are enough to contact professional data recovery service and request external hard drive data repair immediately.

Once you deliver your external hard drive to our data recovery lab, we will start the data recovery process. Our engineers will inspect the device, consult with you, and recover the data if you say so.

The state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities of our services and our globally recognized experts help us maintain the highest success rate.

HDD Power Failures

Unfortunately, there are times that external hard drive failure is genuinely out of your control. Unless you have a personal generator or excellent surge protector tested, sudden power failure or outages can completely fry any portable hard drives.

There are stories online of people who, while copying files to their external hard drive device, experienced a sudden power outage. Usually, upon restarting their computer, the hard drive makes complete silence instead of making any clicking noises. 

These kinds of “silent treatments” given by external hard drives indicate a burned chip or some other electronic malfunction. This type of failure is less critical than outright physical smashing but still calls for an emergency protocol. You should shut down the computer, disconnect it and power down the external hard drive. Then analyze if any power disruptions occurred throughout the day and contact customer service.

USB WD 1TB Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Logical Failures

Another common form of external drive failure comes from file system corruption due to software errors. Most external hard drives have firmware that helps them interact with other devices and copy, save, and overwrite bits of data. 

If the connection between the computer and the external hard drive is somehow affected or improperly disconnected, it can make some of the files unreachable.

Your storage device can lose the ability to locate files you are looking for when using a search function. Our data recovery experts can analyze the raw data on your portable hard drives and recover your lost files.

Meanwhile, the data recovery software is custom built and has a lot of features. Therefore it guarantees to work above any cookie-cutter “data recovery software available online.”

Secure External Hard Disk Recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides its customers with the exceptional service. Choose us for your repair if you fall into the categories:

  1. A failed individual drive that had personal files regarding family, friends, or lifelong passion projects
  2. A small business or large company that needs absolute security and assurance that no further damage will come to the malfunctioning external hard drive

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