PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides a set of reliable data loss solutions for businesses and individuals in Washington State.

The company’s specialists can repair damaged hard drives, RAID arrays, USB flash drives, and any other type of digital storage device. Our professionals handle everything to restore lost files to their original working condition.

We stand by our dedication to meet and exceed perfect drive data recovery results. PITS Global Data Recovery Services takes pride in providing a 99% success rate.

Data Restoring in Washington

By most estimates, data loss affects millions of computer users every day. When an HDD, SSD, or RAID array fails, computer users often face permanent data loss. They can not access critical data, and as a result, they need to recover the affected device.

Our Offices and Drop-off Points in Washington:

Luckily, our company makes sure that we place our drop-off points in every state. We can guarantee that our team will recover your data no matter where you are.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services Offers:

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Washington

Hard Drive is a storage device, which keeps all your computer information. It can be anything, starting from photos and videos to the operating system of a computer. There are two varieties of hard drives: internal and external.

Every computer has its internal hard drive, as it can not exist without it. Some computers even have two hard drives for more extensive data storage. Another way to escape the lack of memory is the external hard drive.

The hard drive is a very delicate part of a computer, so you should keep an eye on it.

Warning Signs of Hard Drive Failure:

  • Strange noises: clicking or humming from the drive
  • Repeated program crashes or disk failures
  • Common error messages while running software
  • Overall odd behavior from the computer

If you have any of these signs, turn your computer off immediately. Also do not attempt to restore the device by yourself. 

Hard Drive Brands We Work with:

asus recovery services
hp recovery services

RAID Data Recovery in Washington

Nowadays, memory plays a huge role in the life of computer, laptop, and phone users. Everything the user does has to be saved. For this reason, we have different devices for keeping the data.

Generally, for one user hard drive is enough, but if we consider a massive company with hundreds of users, we need something that can handle a tremendous amount of information. For these reasons, the RAID array is a must-have for large firms and organizations.

A RAID uses multiple levels to increase storage capacity. As a result, information is being kept on different hard drives, which makes it safer for maintaining data. Unfortunately, even this system gives errors, and data loss is still a possibility.

RAID Levels Our Team Works with:

RAID data recovery process is not easy, but our high-qualified engineers will find a solution for any file system and data loss disaster. Your case will not be an exception.

Why You Should Trust Us

Data loss is no fun, but you should choose a firm you trust when it happens. Among all data recovery companies, picking one that suits you ideally is tough. There are several factors on which you can base your decision.

The first factor is customer reviews. The importance of customer reviews is enormous. They not only help a firm to improve but also can help you with your decision. Thus, the first reason why you should trust us is that we obtain a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

The second factor is performance. Every organization has its statistics, which show how much a firm can handle its cases.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers its clients a risk-free evaluation. It helps us understand your problem, and if there’s nothing we can do, we won’t waste your time and make everything worse.

But if our team accepts your case, you can be sure that we will do everything that is in our power to recover your data. Eventually, the evaluation helped us to achieve the second reason to trust us – a 99% success rate.


Relied on these factors, you can make your decision. By choosing our company, you will get dedicated attention from our team.

Data loss can strike at any time. But PITS Global Data Recovery Services can help you restore important files. With our organization consisting of qualified engineers, reliable customer service, and over 50 drop-off points all over the US, we gained our customers’ respect and support.

If you have a problem with a data loss on your device, you can contact us, and we will gain your trust and support.

Call us! Our reliable 24/7 customer service will be happy to help!