PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides West Virginia state with a comprehensive set of file restoration and repair solutions. Our recovery experts have worked with various kinds of storage devices, operating systems, and file types, so they know how to work with them in various conditions.

Data Recovery Services We Provide

Our company increases its number of offices and drop-off points in the United States to be able to help clients anywhere, anytime their storage device fails. In addition, we offer fast and safe shipping for our customers so they would not worry about transferring their devices to our recovery lab.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in West Virginia

Hard disk and solid-state drives have a considerable part in desktop and laptop computers systems. With the healthy condition of a hard drive, a computer can generally operate and process the data. For this reason, it is crucial regularly check this device and periodically make a backup

Regardless of their durable work, internal and external hard drives are exposed to failures. Collapse can lead to severe problemsincluding complete data loss

If something is wrong with the hard drive, it can not stay hidden. When you notice any of these failure symptoms, this means something is not right.

  1. Whirring, Clicking, or Beeping Sounds – immediately power down the device.
  2. Fire Damage – do not try to open the storage or run it.
  3. Water Damage – remove the board and memory chips from the device and let it dry out.
  4. Missing folders and files – do not use the hard drive and turn it off to avoid overwriting.

Do not open the SSD/HDD to attempt to recover yourself, as you could cause severe damage and make your files unrecoverable. Get in touch with a skilled data recovery company with certifications and a Cleanroom facility for successful restoration. 

We Successfully Recover Data from HDD and SSD

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Our high-level company has years of experience in the hard drive restoration field. We successfully repair any hard drive with our state-of-the-art software, Class 10 ISO Certified Cleanroom, and cutting-edge data recovery tools. Contact us for more information, and our expert team will provide you with it.

RAID Data Recovery in West Virginia

Governmental organizations and businesses of all sizes use Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks for supporting their data storage systems. These devices gained a reputation as dependable media. 

For these reasons, its levels are often used in SANNAS, and servers. Unluckily, when these devices fail, it impacts not one computer user but all firm employees. 

Our data recovery engineers periodically attend qualification courses to recover any RAID level.

RAID Levels We Recover Critical Data from

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers its clients a risk-free evaluation. With this option, our technicians will estimate the best data recovery option based on the type of failure and level of damage. Later, our customer service team member will contact you and discuss the price range and timing turnaround and estimate the required service option. After the discussion, we will ask for your approval to continue the data recovery process. 

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