We all know that there is no limit to perfection. And in order to provide the best data recovery service in the market, our team regularly develops the tools, clean rooms, techniques, and qualifications

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is accredited as a Better Business Bureau (BBB) member. And we are proud to adopt these high service standards to our business.

PITS Data Recovery Engineer in the Cleanroom

The Better Business Bureau is North America’s most well-known consumer advocacy non-profit organization. It expresses fair treatment towards our clients. Also, this accreditation demonstrates our commitment to ethical practices.

By establishing guidelines for dispute resolutions, the BBB promotes fairness in different industries. It operates as an intermediary between businesses and their customers. 

Based on our qualitative standards of customer service, our company holds a full accreditation through the Better Business Bureau. Demonstrating the high-quality level of our customer service, we maintain an A ranking.

Accreditation Process

Getting accredited is not an easy process. It requires a lot of effort. We believe that BBB accreditation is necessary for such an industry as a hard drive data recovery for several key reasons: 

  • BBB accreditation shows that a data repair company meets international professional standards.
  • By committing to the Bureau’s standards, the data recovery service states that it will respond to customers’ requests quickly and promptly.
  • BBB accreditation also provides a consistent dispute resolution program and full cooperation. 

Our clients always get efficient data recovery services with reasonable pricing and a reliable security system. We maintain the BBB’s standards and several additional international standards at each data repair office. It allows us to offer a unique set of data recovery services.

Some requirements for BBB accredited data recovery services include:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Commitment to fair dispute resolution programs
  • A limited number of customers and BBB complaints
  • Regular evaluation of Promotion and Trade Practices
  • Full Cooperation with the Better Business Bureau

and more.

In order to recover lost data from hard drives and solid-state drives, data recovery services need to repair sensitive internal device elements. If this process is mismanaged, the media can get damaged. We aim to protect our clients’ devices without risking media damage.  

Our specialists maintain an excellent level of customer service. 

Our 5 star rated customer service team is available 24/7. During the full data recovery process, it will provide you with updates about your case. Whether you need RAID array repair, hard drive data recovery, SSD repair or any other data recovery service, we treat each case equally and individually. In addition, we offer a secure evaluation to provide you with full pricing information before our data recovery service begins.

Other benefits of working with us:

24/7 Emergency Service Availability

So if you're facing a data loss situation, don't hesitate to contact us. Our 24/7 data recovery services are available to you, 365 days a year. Let us help you recover your precious data today.

Over 50 Locations Across the US

We offer data recovery services from over 50 locations across the US. This means that no matter where you are located, you can access our services and get the support you need to recover the data.

Certified Data Recovery Laboratories.

So if you're facing a data loss situation, look no further. With our certified data recovery labs and 99% success rate, we are confident that we can recover your precious data and get you back on track.

ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom

Our engineers work in a controlled environment to ensure the safety of your device. We recover data in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom and achieve high results.

Risk-free Evaluation and Assessment

We start the recovery process with a risk-free evaluation. Our technicians estimate reasons for data loss and the level of damage. Based on it, we select the most suitable recovery strategy.

100% Customer Satisfaction Rate

With years in the data recovery industry, our company supports the highest customer satisfaction rate. We do everything to provide a positive experience for our clients.

Bringing your external hard drive to our data recovery facility, you get high-quality service and an individual approach from a knowledgeable team of data repair experts.

With a wide network of BBB-accredited data recovery offices all over the United States, we provide our customers with fast turnaround timing and cost-effective solutions for data loss solutions. Call us today at (888) 611-0737 to start your data recovery case, and our team will be happy to help you.