PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides a comprehensive set of data restoring services for businesses and individuals of Virginia state. This set includes a hard drive, RAID array, flash drive, and other types of media device repair and deleted files retrieval. 

Services We Provide

With a population of more than 8.6 million, Virginia is one of the most densely populated states. Along with large cities, such as Virginia Beach and Fairfax, VA, this area has many businesses, which may face storage device failure anytime. We operate several offices and drop-off points in the region to give our local customers fast access to their lost data.

We extend our locations to make sure that we can help you anywhere your device fails. With our vast range of facilities, advanced data recovery labs, and tools, we take pride in maintaining a 99% success rate

Our Offices in Virginia State

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Virginia

Solid-state and hard disk drives play a considerable role in a desktop’s or laptop’s system. With the healthy work of a hard drive, a computer can generally operate and save all data. For this reason, it is crucial to watch closely for this device and make a backup periodically

Unluckily, internal and external hard drives are susceptible to failures. Malfunction can lead to a file system collapse and complete data loss

Hard Drive Recovery and Repair

If you notice any of these symptoms, this means something is wrong with your hard drive.

  • Clicking, Whirring, or Beeping Noises – immediately turn off the device
  • Water Damage – remove the board and other memory chips from the hard drive and let it dry out.
  • Fire System Damage – do not attempt to open the storage up or try to run it.
  • Missing or deleted files – do not use the device and power it down to avoid overwriting data.

Do not open the HDD/SSD to attempt to recover yourself, as you could cause severe damage and make your files unrecoverable. Call a professional data recovery company with certifications and a Cleanroom facility for restoring. 

Hard Drive Brands We Recover Lost Data from

asus recovery services
hp recovery services

PITS Global Data Recovery Services has years of experience in hard drive repair. We successfully retrieve any hard drive with our advanced data recovery tools, Class 10 ISO Certified Cleanroom, and state-of-the-art software. Contact us for more information, and our professional support team will provide you with it.

RAID Data Recovery in Virginia

Companies and governmental organizations commonly use redundant Array of Independent Disks. These devices have gained a reputation as trustable devices. 

RAID Array Benefits

  • Higher Data Security
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Ensures Data Reliability
  • Continuous System Running
  • Parity Check
  • Reading and Writing of Data is Simultaneous
  • Improved Performance 
  • High Availability

For these reasons, its configurations are often used in NAS, SAN, and RAID servers. They process all the information of the whole business. Unluckily, when these devices fail, it concerns not one computer user but all employees. 

Our data recovery specialists with years of experience periodically attend qualification courses to recover any RAID level. We perform secure in-lab recovery. Our team holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, is a DUNS verified, and is an ISO-certified company.

RAID Levels We Recover Data from

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers its customers a risk-free evaluation. With this option, our specialists will estimate the best data recovery option for you. But if there are any reasons why we can not help you, our team will tell you immediately. We value our clients’ time, so we do not want to waste it on a process, which does not guarantee a result. 

In another case, after the review, our customer service will contact you and discuss timing turnaround and price range. After the discussion, we will ask for your approval for data recovery. 

Then, your failed device will go through risk-free diagnostics for more detailed analysis and be sent to the cleanroom. After the process is complete, your recovered data will be sent via an external hard drive, and the primary device will be shipped separately. 

Dell Drives Server Recovery

Fill in a request form for an evaluation, and our dedicated customer service will get in touch with you. 

Secure Data Recovery Services

When data loss happens, there is a need for a certified and reliable company. You have to be sure that your device and all your data are in a safe place. 

Our team provides our clients with responsive services, high-qualified specialists, and a 99% success rate. When entrusting your device to us, you can be sure that all retrieved data will stay safe and confidential. 

Data loss can be complex and tricky, but with our services around, you can rest assured that your device will be rescued. We have provided our services for several years now and successfully solved thousand of cases. Your situation will not be an exception. 

Contact us by calling our customer service line; we will be happy to help you. Our customer service will register your case and make you one step closer to your data.