PITS Global Data Recovery Services developed its partnership program for businesses of all sizes and governmental organizations in the United States. This program was designed to assist companies when they face a case outside their scope of work. 

Numerous enterprises worldwide choose to entrust their data recovery needs to PITS Global, a worldwide leader in the industry. Our company supports referral and reseller partners and provides high-level services anytime, anywhere they need them.

At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we understand the challenges faced by businesses when it comes to data recovery. That is why we offer a specialized partnership program exclusively designed to support your data recovery needs. By collaborating with us, you can unlock a world of unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and exclusive benefits that will elevate your business to new heights.

Unlocking Partnership Opportunities

Referral Partners

By acting as a referral partner, you transfer all the clients with data recovery needs to PITS Global. Thus, you are not implicated in establishing the case and data recovery process.

Reseller Partners

By acting as a reseller partner, you provide a connection between PITS Global and a client. This way, you participate in the case establishing and function as the only point of our intersection with a customer.

What Do We Offer to Our Partners?

Our qualified team works in specialized facilities using cutting-edge technologies. We keep up with the times and regularly renew our equipment. Moreover, our specialists periodically attend qualification courses. With frequent renovations, we can ensure our partners that we can handle any possible data loss scenario.

Partnering with PITS Global is a collaboration that benefits both parties involved. You gain access to our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and industry expertise, while we expand our reach and assist more clients through your valuable network.

We make it easy for our partners to work with us. From streamlined referral procedures to comprehensive reseller support, we strive to provide a seamless experience for our partners, ensuring a hassle-free collaboration.

As an authorized partner, you will have the opportunity to expand your service portfolio, offering reliable data recovery solutions to your clients. Whether it is recovering critical business data, restoring vital student records, or retrieving valuable healthcare information, our advanced data recovery techniques and specialized expertise will ensure successful outcomes.


By collaborating with PITS Global, you can tap into new revenue streams and enhance customer satisfaction. Our partners not only increase their profitability through our generous commission structures but also gain a competitive edge by delivering comprehensive data recovery services. You will be able to confidently address your clients’ data loss challenges, safeguarding their valuable information and fostering long-term relationships.

Enhanced Reputation

By partnering with a trusted name like PITS, you can assure your clients that their data is in safe hands, backed by our years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional track record in successful data recovery.

Partnership with Experts

Partnering with PITS allows you to expand your service offerings without investing in additional resources. By incorporating our top-notch data recovery solutions, you can provide your clients with a comprehensive solution for their needs.

Free Evaluation and Shipping

For clients from our referral and reseller partners, PITS Global offers completely free evaluation and fast shipping. Entrust your customers to us, and we will provide them with the most positive experience with our partner and us.

Increased Revenue Potential

As our partner, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue potential. Through our partnership programs, you can earn commissions for successful referrals or generate additional income by reselling our data recovery services directly to your clients.

Flexible Partnership Options

We offer both referral and reseller partnership programs, allowing you to choose the option that aligns with your business model and objectives. Whether you prefer to refer clients to us or actively resell our services, we have a partnership program tailored to suit your needs.

Dedicated Support

As our partner, you receive dedicated support throughout the partnership journey. We provide training programs, marketing materials, and ongoing assistance to ensure you have the resources and guidance needed to maximize your partnership potential.

Why Clients Choose Our Data Recovery Services

With years of experience in the data recovery industry, our expert engineers have successfully restored critical data for countless businesses worldwide. Whether it’s complex cases involving enterprise-level storage systems, flash drives, memory cards, or virtual machines, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle even the most challenging scenarios.

We operate in specialized labs, including ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanrooms, ensuring optimal conditions for data recovery procedures. Our advanced facilities, combined with cutting-edge methods and tools, allow us to achieve exceptional restoration results within the required timeframe.

From hard drives and SSDs to RAIDs, servers, virtual machines, and more, we offer comprehensive data recovery solutions for various devices and platforms. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each case, providing reliable and efficient data retrieval.

What Our Customers Say About Us

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We understand the importance of data security and confidentiality. As an authorized partner, you can trust us to adhere to the highest industry standards, supporting all the necessary requirements to maintain certificates and protect sensitive information.

In addition to data recovery, we offer value-added services such as data destruction and digital forensics. By partnering with us, you can expand your service offerings and provide comprehensive solutions to your clients.

Who Can Become Our Partner?

At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we welcome partnerships with a diverse range of businesses and organizations. We believe that collaboration is the key to success in the data recovery industry. If you belong to any of the following categories, we invite you to join our esteemed network of partners:

IT/MSP Businesses

Computer & Repair Shops

Printing Shops

Medical Facilities

Schools and Universities

Governmental Organizations

If you belong to any of these categories or have a related business, we encourage you to explore the benefits of partnering with PITS Global Data Recovery Services. Together, we can provide industry-leading data recovery solutions to your clients and create a seamless experience in the face of data loss emergencies.

At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we have had the privilege of partnering with numerous businesses, organizations, and service providers who have entrusted us with their data recovery needs. Follow the link below to review the list of our authorized partners.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to enhance your business and increase profitability. Contact us directly or fill out the form below to start the journey towards a successful partnership with PITS Global Data Recovery Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a partner program is completely free of charge.

In order to be approved as our partner, we will need the information below:

  • Your company’s Address(es)
  • Company’s Contact Details
  • Full Name and Contact Details of Authorized Person(s)
  • List of the Services You Provide required to further authorize you as an
    approved vendor

We also encourage our partners to complete our free training and participate in digital marketing activities.

Yes, you can act both as a referral and reseller partner. You can decide which option to choose, considering your customers and their case. Please note that
only one option can be chosen for each submitted case.

A customer submitting a case using your Partner ID is automatically qualified for free evaluation and shipping, considering the exceptions

Commissions are paid monthly. At the end of each month, partners should send an invoice for all cases referred within the period. After receiving the invoice, PITS Global obligates to pay the commission within five workdays.
However, if the invoice is not provided within six months, no fee will be payable.