PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides Oregon’s businesses and individuals with a comprehensive set of data recovery services. This set includes repairing and retrieving deleted files from failed hard drives, RAID arrays, flash drives, and other media storage types. Our data recovery specialists with years of experience will successfully find a solution for this critical situation. 

Advanced Services We Provide:

In Oregon, several major corporations have established a presence in the state. Portland in Oregon is the largest city in the US, where we place one of our points. By opening our location in Oregon, we serve businesses, government offices, and personal computer users in this area. Our professionals have provided exceptional results and successfully recovered thousands of devices in this state.

Our Offices in Oregon:

Extending our locations helps us to provide faster and better services. Wherever your device fails, we will be ready to have your back. At the moment, we have 50+ locations all over the country. With the vast network of facilities, our data recovery engineers will retrieve all your lost data anywhere you are.

To get more information about our repair services contact us. Our support team will be ready to provide you with it.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Oregon

Hard disk and solid-state drives play a fundamental role in computer user’s life. These devices process all the received changed or created information. 

Thus, healthy work of hard drive is essential. Unfortunately, internal and external hard drives are susceptible to failures.

External Drive Recovery

Malfunction can happen for various reasons: logical or physical. When a crash occurs due to external impacts, such as dropping or power surge, it is estimated as physical damage. If failure happened due to internal processes in software, as accidental formatting or virus attack, it relates to logical reasons.  No matter the reason for failure, our data recovery engineers can handle any hard drive.

Hard Drive Types We Successfully Recover:


Hard Disk Drives

A hard disk drive has spinning disks inside where data is saved magnetically. These moving parts are very fragile, and data loss is a risk. HDD can fail for various reasons, but our data recovery engineers will figure it out.


External Hard Drives

Computer users commonly use these devices to store data, which internal hard drives couldn't hold, or to carry it. Unluckily, because of its portability and mobility, external hard drives are exposed to failures.


Solid-State Drives

A solid-state drive is an increasingly popular device. It works safely, quietly and is a very reliable data storage. SSD is more durable than HDD. But no matter how stable the device is, information loss is always a possibility.

Repairing hard drives in a certified cleanroom contributes to achieving a maximum result from the recovery process. With our reliable services, your failed device and recovered data will be safe and protected. Call us to start your case, and our customer services will be happy to help you.

RAID Data Recovery in Oregon

Businesses and organizations all over the world entrust their critical data to Redundant Array of Independent Disks. RAID gained its reputation as a reliable and secure storage device. For this reason, its configurations are often used in NAS, SAN, and servers to provide more efficient work. 

Unluckily, these trustable devices are not bulletproof. Failure can happen for many reasons, and data recovery of RAID is a complex and tricky process. Our data recovery technicians successfully retrieved these devices for many years and can handle any failure.

RAID Levels We Recover:

RAID collapse can happen unexpectedly and will have a lot of consequences. Failure occurs in a moment, and the data recovery process takes a lot of time. It needs attention to detail and high skills, so recovering RAID at home can cause severe damage.

Recovery of Failed Hard Drives

Internet is full of free and online data recovery software, but this method is very risky. Our data recovery services are secure and efficient. 

For customers, who need their data as soon as possible, we offer an emergency service option. This way, all important files will be received in 8-48 hours. We provide our clients with flexible options to meet any of their needs, deadlines, and budget.

Your RAID array will be successfully restored with our state-of-the-art facilities, modern data recovery software, and experienced engineers. Just contact us, and our dedicated customer service will be happy to help you with your crucial situation. 

Certified Data Recovery Service

Following international security and management protocols, we preserve your data within the whole restoring process. From the moment your failed device arrives at one of our locations, we treat it very carefully.

Our high-qualified organization guarantees the maximum result of safe and secure data recoveryWhen looking for data recovery services, you search for a company to provide security, efficiency, and reliability. Our professionals have all these features and will be ready to help you solve your problem. 

With PITS Global Data Recovery Services around, you can rest assured that your device will be successfully recovered. Our high-qualified engineers, professional customer service, and dedicated developing team help us maintain a 99% success rate. And we will help you retrieve all your deleted files and successfully repair your device.

Contact us via a request help form or by calling at (888) 611-0737. Our high-trained support team will register your case.