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With our services in Alaska, we provide professional data recovery for hard drives, SSDs, RAIDs, and other devices.

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PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides Alaska with professional repair and file restoration solutions. Our company has years of working with various data storage devices, operating systems, file types, and we are proud to maintain the highest success recovery rates.

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Known for its decisive role in the United States’ energy industry and natural beauty, Alaska is the largest state. A large percentage of Alaska’s 730,000 citizens live near Anchorage, and our company offers data recovery solutions for both businesses and individuals all over the state.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in Alaska

Hard disk and solid-state drives are the most widespread storage devices. People rely on this media and entrust all their valuable data to it. However, regardless of how durable and reliable the device is, it is exposed to failures. When a hard drive malfunction occurs, it often leads to severe consequences, including complete data loss. 

When a collapse occurs, it causes a lot of trouble to the user, who lost access to all the essential files. To avoid all the complications caused by failure, people try to solve the problem themselves. However, free online data recovery software and repair tools will not fix your device.

Moreover, you can worsen the situation by using them on the failed hard drive. Instead, get in touch with an experienced data recovery company.

Hard Drives We Recover Lost Data from

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At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we have a team of expert technicians who specialize in retrieving data from different types of hard drives. They have a lot of experience and know how to handle various brands and models.

To make sure we retrieve your data quickly and effectively, we use the latest tools and technologies. These tools are always being updated to keep up with changes in storage devices. 

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PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineers work with failed HDDs and SSDs in specialized facilities, including ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. We also keep up with the time, so our company regularly renews data recovery equipment. Hence, we guarantee our customers incredible results by performing repair and data recovery in state-of-the-art labs using advanced tools

Contact our customer service line today to start your case, and we will gladly accompany you through the whole recovery process. 

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RAID Data Recovery in Alaska

Redundant Array of Independent Disks is a secure and dependable data storage employed by almost all businesses. This device provides the user with high speed, excellent capacity, redundancy, and security. Despite many advantages, RAID arrays are still exposed to failures. 

RAID failure causes many troubles to businesses, and consequently, it is vital to fix the problem as soon as possible. For situations like these, we offer our customers emergency service.

With this option, our engineers work with your device and recover all your valuable data within 8-48 hours. Then we return your files on the new and secure storage device to avoid any complications. 

We Recovered Data from such RAID Levels as

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides businesses and individuals with reliable solutions for failed hard disk drives, RAID arrays, serversmemory cards, etc. We think about our customers and do everything to meet their needs, budges, and deadlines. Hence, with our extensive set of services, a vast network of locations, and flexible recovery options, we maintain 100% customer satisfaction rate, and our goal is to support it.

Call us at (888) 611-0737 or fill out the “Request Help” form with all the detailed information about your problem, and we will gladly help you solve it.