PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides businesses and individuals of Montana with professional file restoration and repair solutions. Our engineers have experience performing data recovery from failed hard drives, RAID arrays, memory cards, and other data storage devices.

More Services We Provide

Our company understands the importance of fast and professional data recovery services. To provide our clients with superior solutions, PITS Global Data Recovery Services expands its network of facilities. At this moment, we have 50+ drop-off points and offices all over the United States, and we aim to raise the number of locations throughout the country.

Our Offices in Montana

To get more information about our facilities in your state, city, or county, call us or view our Locations page.

Advantages of Our Services

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a dependable and professional company that provides top-level solutions for individuals and businesses throughout the United States. Our company seeks to assist people with critical situations, such as storage device failure and data loss. We do everything to make the collapse complications more manageable and provide our clients with several options.

Risk-Free Evaluation

Our team understands that it is hard to process the data storage device failure, especially when not knowing what is wrong with the media. For this reason, PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers customers an evaluation.
After receiving your device for technical inspection, our recovery experts will review it in specialized facilities and estimate what caused the malfunction. In addition, we will evaluate the level of damage and discuss with you recovery options and approximate timing turnaround.

Fast Shipping

Time is essential in collapse situations. So when seeing any signs of malfunction from your device, it is vital to act fast and take appropriate steps. In addition to a vast network of locations, PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers safe shipping.
This way, our customers do not have to worry about their device's transportation costs. We do not put your fragile device at risk and safely send it from one of our drop-off points and offices to the recovery lab, where we work with the failed device.

Flexible Recovery Options

PITS Global Data Recovery Services does everything to meet its clients' deadlines, needs, and budgets. Hence, after an assessment of your device, we provide our clients with flexible data recovery options.
Generally, our dedicated customer service representative contacts a customer and discusses all the requirements. Based on it, we offer one of our recovery options and work based on the time requirements. Also, we provide an emergency service for time-sensitive cases and complete the work within 8-48 hours.

Our data recovery company is a top-level services provider with experienced engineers, superior facilities, and the latest tools. We maintain the highest in the field success rates and are proud it support it for years, working with various storage devices, operating systems, and file types.

Contact us to learn more about repair and recovery services; we will gladly provide you with all the required information.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Montana

Hard disk and solid-state drives are dependable data storage devices, and people entrust them with all their essential files. These devices process all file types and significantly impact people’s lives. However, HDDs and SSDs are exposed to failures, and when collapse occurs, it causes a lot of trouble to its user. 

Hard drives have a complicated structure, so it is essential that only a professional with years of experience work on them. Also, these devices are very fragile, so they should be reviewed only in specialized facilities. Our engineers work with failed hard drives in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom not to put the device at risk of contamination.

We Successfully Recover Data from Hard Disk and Solid-state Drives

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When a hard drive failure occurs, it is essential to take appropriate steps not to damage the device. So if noting clicking sounds, frequent error messages, and overall unusual behavior, contact professionals. Our clients can get in touch with experts by calling our customer service line or filling out the “Request Help” form here.

RAID Data Recovery in Montana

Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks is considered a trusted device due to its reliable and secure system. Individuals and businesses of all sizes use the RAID array for storing a significant amount of data. But even their safe system can fail, and data loss is unavoidable.

The List of RAID Levels We Recover Lost Data from

RAID recovery process is complicated and requires high skills, attention to detail, and an individual approach. Our professionals have developed their methods for successful retrieval using our advanced tools and state-of-the-art facilities.

We provide our customers with reliable solutions in case of data loss situations. Call us or fill out the request form, and we will be happy to help you!