PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers secure and reliable data restoration services for Linux-operated devices. Businesses and individuals choose Linux for their servers because it’s safe and flexible. Our professional will restore your deleted information securely and safely.

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Operating System is a piece that keeps your computer running. When you turn on your machine, OS is the first executed piece of software. It loads itself into the memory of your computer and then starts to manage computer resources. Then these resources are used to provide available work to other applications. 

Keeping your operating system safe is an essential part of working with your device. When OS fails, it may lead to critical consequences. You can lose all of your important files, starting with vacation photos, ending with a business plan you have been working on for years. 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services will help you deal with any data loss scenario. With our dedicated customer service and a team of experienced engineers, we will make you one step closer to your data.

Linux Operating System

Every desktop computer uses an operating system. The most known OS systems today are Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Linux OS has been gaining popularity over the last several years but has already achieved success in the technology world. 96.3% of the world’s top 1 million servers and 90% of all cloud infrastructure operates on Linux.

Why People Use Linux?

  • The OS is Open Source
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easy to Use
  • Well-structured File System
  • Convenient Command Line
  • Reliable and Secure

Linux distribution is one of the significant contributors to the world of technology. People trust their information to the OS, but no matter how reliable and safe the system is, it still can fail

Your computer may store all types of files from the internal part and your external device carriers, such as USB drivesCD-ROMs, or other storage devices. So when your system crashes, you can lose an enormous amount of data. 

Desktop Data Recovery Service

When your OS fails, please turn off your device immediately and call us. Our company will recover lost data securely and safely. We will rescue your data with a 99% success rate using our recovery utilities: data recovery tools and certified cleanroom

You can be confident that your data stays protected, as after restoring data and copying your files on your secure cloud, we will delete all your information from our devices.

Desktop Data Recovery Service

Linux OS Failure

Regular back-ups are an essential part of working with the storage device. Computer users may think that they do not need a backup, which is when your device fails. 

Data Loss Can Happen for Different Reasons:

  • Overheating 
  • Hard drive crash
  • Bad power supply
  • Physical Damage
  • Graphics card problems
  • Failing motherboard or CPU

When your device fails for some of these reasons, you should trust recovering data to professionals. If you try to rescue lost files yourself, you may face difficulties that you could not handle. Instead of wasting your time on this, spend it filling a request form on our website. 

You may request a risk-free evaluation from our high-qualified engineers. They will examine your problem in detail. If our team can’t rescue your data for some reason, you will be told immediately. We care about our customer’s time, so we don’t want to waste it if the attempt will be unsuccessful.

We Can Help You Anywhere

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers you a reliable set of data-restoring services with more than 50 drop-offs all over the US. Data loss can strike not only anytime but anywhere. 

We are always available and reachable for our customers. We know how hard it is to lose important data, especially if you are not in your city. By extending the number of our drop-off points, we guarantee that our professionals will recover your data no matter where you are. 

So if you are on vacation and have lost all of your image files from your CF Card, you can contact us and get our dedicated attentionPITS Global Data Recovery Services takes pride in providing a 100% customer satisfaction rate, and we are happy to do everything to support this reputation.

Recovery of Failed Hard Drives

Our Data Recovery Services

Every storage device has a risk of failing, so when it does, you have to find a data rescue company that will help you with your problem. PITS Global Data Recovery Services is the one for you. We will restore your device with our competent team of engineersadvanced tools, and a 99% success rate

The data recovery process can be complicated and tricky, no matter what device or operating system you have. Our professionals develop new ways for every type of memory carrier, so you won’t waste your time looking for a solution. 

When your device fails, it is vital to turn it off; subsequent interactions may consequence in more significant damage. So the next step after turning off your device is to contact us.

Fill a request form on our website or call us on (888) 611 0737, and get consecrated attention from our specialists!