Being a certified and verified company, PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers a set of reliable solutions for data loss scenarios in Kentucky State. This set includes hard drive recoveryRAID array repair, and retrieval of any other type of media storage device.

Advanced Data Recovery Services in Kentucky

With our extensive network of facilities, certified cleanroom, and state-of-the-art data recovery tools, we will successfully recover all your deleted files wherever you are. We take pride in maintaining the highest in the industry – 99% success rate, and we are doing everything to keep it that way.

Many enterprises in Kentucky depend heavily on hard drives, RAID arrays, and other storage systems for daily activities, and unexpected data loss is a severe problem for computer users. When you need reliable data recovery services, we are here to help you restore your most important files. 

Our Offices in Kentucky

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Kentucky 

Computer users constantly need their data while using their devices. Hard drive processes all the information that the machine receives, changes, or creates. 

Unfortunately, as with any media storage device, hard drives are exposed to failures. When a hard drive fails, data saved on the computer or laptop becomes inaccessible. In addition, it may lead to a complete data loss. For these reasons, the healthy work of HDD or SSD is significant.  

Often the reason for a hard drive failure is an operating system collapse. Our data recovery specialists regularly attend qualification courses to be able to recover any OS. 


Windows OS

Our hard drive data recovery services provide an excellent resource for Microsoft Windows users, and advanced technology ensures dependable results for all operating system versions.


Linux OS

Linux is considered a relatively new OS, and its popularity continues to grow rapidly due to its reliable and secure work. Unfortunately, even these stable OS are vulnerable to failures.


Mac OS

Mac OS requires attention to detail, mainly when logical issues occur. Our data recovery engineers with years of experience in Mac data recovery will quickly restore all your essential data.

Our company can find appropriate solutions for any physical or logical hard drive failure. Our professional team of experts develops all of our software and hardware tools for data recovery, which allows us to repair your hard drive and restore all your important data with unequaled security.

When your hard drive fails, instead of looking for free and online data recovery tools, search for a certified data recovery company. PITS Global Data Recovery Services follows international security protocols for data privacy and information security. Thus, we can guarantee that your data will be safe with our services.

We Recover Data from such Hard Drive Brands as

hp recovery services

Call us to get more information, and our professional customer service will be happy to provide you with it. 

RAID Data Recovery in Kentucky

RAID arrays are popular due to their high capacity and fault-tolerant work. However, these durable devices can fail due to multiple disk failures, virus attacks, power surges, or other reasons. Working in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, we provide high-class data recovery services for all RAID levels. 

RAID Arrays We Repair

Our experienced data recovery engineers have repaired thousands of RAID storages, and yours will not be an exception. We will retrieve your device in our advanced data recovery lab, using our state-of-the-art tools to achieve maximum restoring of your deleted files. Contact us now, and we will be ready to help you with your failed media device.

Advantages of Our High-Level Service

Risk-free Evaluation

Our data recovery company offers a superior evaluation of your critical situation. Via our risk-free review, we can estimate your device's type of failure, which will help us at the early stages of the retrieval process. After the evaluation, we will inform you about the timing turnaround and price quote.

Fast Shipping

With our team, you should not worry about the safety and shipping of your device. We will carefully prepare it for shipping. Once the recovery process is completed, we ship recovered data via a reliable external hard drive, and your device will be sent in a separate package.

Satisfied Customers 

Being one of the leading data recovery companies in the US, we focus on delivering excellent customer service together with superior data recovery. Our engineers successfully recover vital data from failed devices in the shortest time possible and at a reasonable price

Our company offers various options for data recovery, including emergency service that takes from 8 to 48 hours. We provide different services to meet any of your needs, deadlines, and budget. 

By repairing thousands of storage media devices, we have earned numerous positive reviews from our clients. You can examine customer reviews on our website and be sure that we are not afraid of criticism. Your opinions help us improve our services, and we are grateful for it. 

Data loss is a stressful and unexpected event but PITS Global Data Recovery Services has your back. Our data recovery engineers are ready to help you with your critical situation. Start your case today by filling a request help form or calling us.