PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers you a reliable set of data restoring services in Illinois. Our high-qualified engineers will rescue data from failed hard drivesRAID arrays, or any other type of storage device. If your operating system crashes, we will safely and successfully recover all your information.

We extend a number of our drop-off points all over the US to ensure that your critical data will be saved wherever you are. With our facilities: advanced tools, data recovery utilities, and certified cleanroom, we will restore your data with a 99% success rate.

Our Offices in Illinois State:

Data Recovery in Illinois

Every computer user faces a data loss at some point. Whether your machine failed because of logical or physical damage, our specialists can restore your lost data. If you notice any symptom of a crashing device, turn it off. 

Restoring your data by yourself can cause more damage. Your actions may lead to the process of data recovery becoming more complicated. Not to make the task harder, do not touch your device and contact us.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services Offers:

Data loss can be stressful, but it would be less tense with our services around. PITS Global Data Recovery Services has several locations in Illinois, and one of our offices is located in Edwardsville.

Our company also offers a risk-free evaluation to estimate the causes of device failure. It helps us to understand your problem better in the beginning stage. If there is any reason we can not restore your information, our team will tell you immediately. It is vital for us not to waste your time and give you false hopes. 

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Illinois

Hard Drive plays a significant role as a memory carrier. There are two types of Hard Drive: external and internal. Both of them save all your information on their disk (HDD) or boards and microchips (SSD). 

If we talk about the internal hard drive, we can say that it is more durable, as it is placed inside the computer, and no external factors are influencing it. An external hard drive is more fragile because of its portability. However, both internal and external hard drives can fail for different reasons. 


Windows OS Data Recovery

Various factors can influence the chances of fail for Windows OS. Our reliable team of specialists will restore all information from your Windows-operated device firmly and securely.


Mac OS Data Recovery

Mac OS fails due to overwritten data, head crash, or fire damage. We deliver a 99% success rate for Apple recovery using high-level tools to protect media throughout the data repair process.


Linux OS Data Recovery

Linux is rapidly rising in popularity, and no matter how reliable and safe this OS is, it can still fail for several reasons. We offer a complete set of data recovery options for Linux-operated devices.

When your device crashes, it is essential to notice it in time. Knowing the signs of a failed device can help you prevent more significant data loss scenarios.

We Recover Data from Such Hard Drive Brands:

hp recovery services

If you notice one of the failure signs, it is time to look for a data recovery companyDo not try to open a hard drive by yourself; it may lead to subsequent data loss. Instead, contact us, and our customer service will be happy to help you. 

RAID Data Recovery in Illinois

RAID array is a perfect device for a large amount of information. That is why most often, it is used in big companies with hundreds of computer users. When this device fails, a company can lose an enormous amount of data.

Causes of RAID System Failure:

  • Accidental Data Deletion
  • Formatted or Missing Partitions
  • Incorrect RAID Rebuilds
  • Malware or Virus Attack
  • Power Failure
  • File System Corruption
  • A Failure of the RAID Controller
  • Multiple Disk Failures

Irrespective of the cause of RAID failure or how many terabytes of data have to be recovered, PITS Global Data Recovery Services can successfully restore deleted files from every type of RAID array.

Data loss can strike anytime and anywhere. So, for example, if your company is placed in Chicago, IL, and your RAID array failed, you can fill a request form on our website with a single click. 

RAID Levels We Recover Data from:

PITS Global Data Recovery Services handles data restoration for any media storage device. Our professionals are working in special data recovery labs to achieve the best result. You can review our certifications on the website. Certificates show our customers that their recovered data stays safe and protected

Contact our dedicated customer service today to start your case, and our team will be happy to help you!