PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers hard drive repairRAID data recovery, and other data rescue services for media storage devices in New Jersey State. With advanced facilities and sophisticated tools, our specialists will find a solution for every data loss problem. 

Computer users store their information somewhere safe. But sometimes, even this safe and protected place can fail. It is essential to make periodical back-ups, as you may lose all your critical data if you do not have one.

With our team of high-qualified engineers, you do not need a backup for saving your data. 

Data Recovery in New Jersey

Data loss affects hundreds of New Jersey users every day. If you can not access your essential information, you need a data recovery service. And our team of professionals is ready to provide it to you. 

We extend our services to personal computer users and businesses of all sizes. Our company also raises a number of our drop-off points all over the US. We make sure that we can save your data wherever you are. PITS Global Data Recovery Services will find a solution for any file system and data loss disaster

Desktop Data Recovery in NJ

Desktop computers run on a variety of operating systems and hard drives. But OS and hard drive can fail due to logical or physical damage. Avoiding data loss is challenging, as you may not have a backup, and the device can crash anytime. So when you need professional data recovery services, we are ready to help you.

Whether you’ve lost videos, photos, documents, or other file types, PITS Global Data Recovery Services has a 99% success rate in file retrieval of all device types. In addition to internal hard drives, desktop computers contain data from external hard drives and flash drives. Our high-qualified engineers will retrieve critical files from every type of media storage device.

Common Signs of Computer Failure: 

  • A Noisy Hard Drive
  • Regular Boot Errors
  • Beeping Noises
  • Poor Software Performance
  • A Loud System Fan
  • Poor Hardware Performance
  • Frequent Freezing
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • File and Program Corruption
  • Hardware Conflicts

For the best data recovery scenario, immediately power down your machine when you notice any failure symptoms. Do not attempt to perform recovery of the hard drive yourself. Opening the device outside of recovery labs can lead to irreparable damage.

Avoid using data recovery software as it puts your information at risk and overwrites it, leading to irrecoverable loss.

Hard Drive Brands We Recover Data from:

hp recovery services

The best sequence of action to take for a failed desktop computer is to turn it off and contact us to perform successful data recovery. We always strive for effectiveness, so we offer a risk-free evaluation to be sure that we can recover your failed device

RAID Data Recovery in New Jersey

Among all of the drives, RAID is the most extensive storage device, so it is often used in large companies. RAID failure can entail critical consequences to the business, so it is essential to recover files fast and safely.

RAID Arrays We Recover:



The information is divided into data blocks and written to several disks simultaneously, so any disk failure leads to the destruction of the entire array. Our engineers developed the technique for RAID 0 to repair even seemingly "dead" RAID 0.



RAID 1 has a feature as data mirroring. In this system, the controller is responsible for writing data to both identical disks. Failure of one of them does not lead to data loss. This type provides high reliability of information storage.



Level 5 is one of the most famous RAID implementations. All disks are equal, and the parity blocks are divided among them. If one of them fails, the array can continue to work after rebuilding. However, the failure of several disks will destroy the array.



RAID 6 stripes data across disks with two distributed parity blocks per drive. Parity blocks allow RAID reconstruction after a single drive failure. Our engineers provide professional drive data recovery for RAID 6 and all other arrays.



This composite configuration provides RAID 1 redundancy and a high write/read speed of RAID 0. RAID 10 array will not lose data if one hard disk fails, but a whole system can crash if several breaks. Our company will retrieve your lost data with a 99% overall success rate.



RAID 50 is represented as a RAID 0 array consisting of RAID 5 configuration arrays. A minimum of 6 drives is required. The capacity of the RAID 50 array is the sum of all RAID 5 capabilities of the array. It is characterized by a higher speed of operation than the fifth RAID.

RAID data loss can be stressful and complicated, but when this happens, you have to analyze all data recovery companies to choose what is best for your case. Our company offers safe and effective data recovery made by our experienced engineers in the state-of-the-art cleanroom.

With PITS Global Data Recovery Services, you can be sure that your data will stay safe. After the repair process is over, our specialists will transfer recovered data to the secure cloud; and only the customer who owns the device will have access to it. 

Customer reviews indicate our competence, so they are in open access, and you can review them on our website. With a 100% customer satisfaction rate, we will be ready to make your case one of our successes.

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