PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a BBB and DUNS accredited company that provides data restoration from flash drives in the United States. Our high-qualified engineers perform reliable data recovery from USB flash drives, thumb drives, memory cards, and other NAND-based flash memory chips. 

More Data Recovery Services We Provide:

Damaged Flash Drive Data Recovery

Flash drives are standard data storage for every computer user. They come in different sizes, different interfaces, and various data transfer speeds. These days flash storage devices are popular because anyone has digital information that needs to be saved.

Flash drives users entrust their photos, videos, and other file types to these devices and rely on their dependable work. However, these small media fail sometimes, leading to severe consequences. If you do not have the information from the failed drive stored somewhere safe, you may need a data recovery service.

Why Flash Drives Fail

Every data carrier device fails, and flash drives are not an exception. Different flash drive devices can collapse for various reasons. The memory drives are usually carried on key chains, loose backpacks, and sometimes even in a person’s back pocket. 

Common Reasons for Flash Drive to Fail:

  • Virus Damage
  • Broken USB Connection
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  • Fire or Water Damage
  • File Corruption
  • Snapped or Overheated Electronics
  • Damaged Files

So, physical damages can not be avoidable. It can be potentially catastrophic, and the risk is always there when transporting a flash drive or any memory card. We highly recommend regular backups of important files to avoid data loss, but if your device fails and you do not have a backup, we are here to help. Our data recovery engineers can help you solve your problem and recover your files. 

What to Do When Your Flash Drive Fails

Our team can recover data from any damaged flash drive difficulties. It can be a fried NAND chip or a worn-out memory cell that is not accessible anymore. To achieve the maximum recovery results, there are some steps a user have to go through before sending the device to us.

  1. Safely unplug the flash drive
  2. Do not try several times to get the data
  3. Call us to request a technical evaluation and further assessment of the case
Flash Drive Data Recovery

We have restored data from flash drives with various file systems such as ExFat, FAT, NTFS, or HFS. Our experts retrieve files from USB flash, and you can request an evaluation with a simple click on our website

With our file recovery latest tools and innovative recovery methods, we can help you. PITS Global Data Recovery Services is the company that saves your life’s work through the successful recovery of the lost data.

Reliable Flash Data Recovery Services

Flash drive failure can happen to everyone for different reasons. It does not matter what brand of a USB flash drive, SD/Micro SD memory card, or CF memory card you have. We offer data recovery services for every brand and every kind of failure. Our advanced microscopic soldering and plastic cover removing techniques makes us achieve reliable data rescue results.


CF Card Recovery

The spectrum of compact flash (CF) memory cards is extensive. They are commonly used in photo and video cameras, mobile devices, voice recorders, pocket computers, and smartphones. CF memory cards can be safely and successfully repaired by our experienced data recovery specialists, and get back all your lost files.


SD Card Recovery

SD cards are often used to store the camera’s photos, videos, and other file types. It holds all your important memories. If you lost essential data due to accidental deletion or virus attack, we are always ready to help you restore them. Our highly qualified engineers will work on your device in a certified cleanroom providing safety for it.

Our engineers will work only with the damaged parts of your device. All other components will be left untouched with the sole purpose of successful flash drive data recovery. 

Emergency Flash Drive Recovery Services

Flash drive data loss can happen anytime, and when it does, you need a fast recovery service. We provide emergency data recovery services, which means we can retrieve your corrupted files within 8-48 hours. After the successful restoration, we will upload the data to a secure cloud and share a password-protected link. It is the fast delivery of the data to you without worrying about where you are.

kingston flash drive data recovery

Kingston Flash Drive Recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides its customers with secure and dependable data recovery solutions. Our team of engineers is expertly trained to use state-of-the-art tools in specialized facilities to perform successful Kingston flash drive recoveries, as well as other important data rescue operations.

samsung flash drive repair

Samsung Flash Drive Recovery

Are you a Samsung flash drive user in need of file recovery? Look no further than PITS Global Data Recovery Services. Our experienced engineers have been working with storage devices, various types, and systems of files for years! We make sure to provide our customers with professional solutions.

PNY SSD recovery

PNY Flash Drive Recovery

With years of experience in the data retrieval industry, PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a trusted source for secure, confidential, and reliable restoration services. Our team of highly qualified engineers specializes in restoring files from even the most complex failure scenarios on PNY flash drives.

Verbatim Flash Drive Recovery

Have your Verbatim flash drive suffered data loss? Look no further than PITS Global Data Recovery Services for a comprehensive and successful repair. Our technicians have extensive experience with various brands, including Verbatim – and we've seen incredible results! Rely on us to restore those lost files in no time

sandisk data recovery

SanDisk USB Flash Drive Recovery

With years of expertise in the data recovery industry, PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a leader in USB flash drive repair and restoration. Our knowledgeable data recovery engineers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to restore failed devices within an advanced cleanroom facility, ensuring our customers receive secure and efficient data recovery services through various options.

Corsair USB Flash Drive Recovery

If you're looking for reliable, secure data recovery services, look no further than PITS Global Data Recovery Services. Our team of engineers is well-versed in utilizing the latest tools and technology to conduct successful recoveries from Corsair flash drives and other essential data procedures in our specialized facilities. Put your trust in us to retrieve valuable information quickly and safely!

Why Choose Our Flash Drive Recovery 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services takes pride in providing a 99% success rate. We extend our services to personal computer users and businesses of all sizes. Based on our website, you can ensure that we offer reliable and secure services. 

Our team has attention to detail, which has resulted in a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Flash drive recovery service is no different. We use advanced micro-soldering techniques to accomplish the work on the highest level. 

Our company’s professionals can restore data from USB flash drives, SD or Micro SD cards, and CF cards restoring lost data to its working state. 

When your device fails, contact us at (888) 611 0737 or fill in the request formPITS Global Data Recovery Services provides exceptional customer care that will leave you grateful for going further beyond customer expectations.

The issue can be caused by several different reasons. Some of them are malware, damaged or broken USB connection, wrong file systems, overheating, or wear and tear of a drive. To detect the exact failure reason, you can contact a data recovery specialist from here, and they will get back to you in a few minutes.

If your flash drive experienced logical or physical damage, you should immediately disconnect the flash drive from your computer or laptop. Then, contact data recovery experts for further assistance and data recovery. You can contact us from here and get the help of professionals maintaining a 99% success rate.

There are different situations where a flash drive can fail. The answer depends on the situation and condition of your failed flash drive. Still, trying to save some money, you risk losing all your files for good. We recommend consulting with a data recovery specialist using this link and then taking further action.