PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a professional data rescue company offering state-of-the-art data rescue services worldwide. Our data recovery experts can recover deleted or lost data from all types of external hard drives, RAID arraysSSDs, and server systems

We support every standard and custom operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Our data repair specialists have recovered thousands of devices and still maintain a 99% success rate.

Featured Data Recovery Services


Hard Drive Recovery

HDD is a popular type of memory device used by businesses and individuals. Our team of data recovery experts will recover your files from any hard drive manufacturer and model available on the global market.


SSD Data Recovery

Our engineers regularly attend qualification courses to be able to recover all SSD models. We recover OWC, Corsair, Samsung, Intel, Kingston and any other SSD manufacturer without risking media damage.


RAID Data Recovery

Our experienced engineers will carefully repair your RAID in a certified cleanroom using advanced data recovery tools and get your data back to you. We utilize state-of-the-art recovery tools to treat your devices safely.


Tape Data Recovery

When data tapes fail, you need to take appropriate steps to prevent accidental file corruption. Power down your drive immediately and contact us for professional data recovery, and we will be ready to help.


NAS Data Recovery

Recovering failed NAS systems, we keep all our customers' data secure and confidential. Our company maintains a 99% success rate and can deliver your device recovered in 8-48 hours.


SAN Data Recovery

If your SAN system fails due to physical or logical damage, our professional data recovery company has the advanced utilities to keep your device from having to be rebuilt from scratch.


Server Data Recovery

When a server fails, you need to find a secure data recovery service as fast as possible. We offer fast shipping and secure evaluation, and can recover your server in the shortest time possible.


Database Data Recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery Services understands how database collapse, malfunction, and failure can affect your enterprise, and offers reliable and professional data recovery solutions.


Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops are commonly used by commuters, students, and every computer user who constantly needs access to data. Due to their mobility and portability, these devices can easily crash because of physical damage, but our engineers will handle it.


Desktop Data Recovery

Desktop computers are one of the essential devices in any computer user's life. People store all their vital information on computers hoping that they won't fail. But sometimes, they do, and it can lead to subsequent critical consequences and complete data loss.


CF Card Recovery

CF is a memory card commonly used to store different file types in video and photo cameras. By being a reliable data storage system, CF are more durable and faster than SD cards. Unfortunately, data loss is a possibility for every type of media device.


SD Card Recovery

As with any other data storage device, Secure Digital memory cards are sensitive to wear and tear over time or logical and physical damage. Aging occurs when users keep lots of data on a flashcard for a very long time. As a result, their device failure might occur.


Flash Drive Recovery

Thanks to long years of experience, our engineers recover USB flash drives, CD or SD memory cards in a matter of days. We can repair mechanically, physically and logically damaged flash drive devices and successfully recover deleted data.


Computer Repair

PITS Global Data Recovery Services also provides proficient repair services for laptops, PCs and other computer systems. With our experienced teams working round the clock you can expect your complete repair along with full-fledged data recovery within 8-48 hours.

Data Destruction ICON

File Systems Recovery

The file system is responsible for organizing and managing the files and directories on a computer's storage device, and when it becomes damaged or corrupted, data loss can occur. File system recovery is a critical step in restoring lost data.


Monolith Recovery Services

As a certified data recovery company, PITS Global Data Recovery Services guarantees to restore files from malfunctioning Monolith devices with an elite level of accuracy. Our facilities are outfitted with updated labs and modern types of equipment.

DVR Data Recovery

DVRs are commonly used to record and store video footage from security cameras or other surveillance systems. When a DVR fails or experiences data loss due to a hardware failure, software issue, or user error, it can result in the loss of critical video footage.


Digital Forensics Services

We provide other services such as Digital Forensics, Insurance Claims, eDiscovery, Data Conversion, Intellectual Property, Divorce and Custody, Data Erasure Verification, Expert Testimony, Mobile Forensics

We understand how shocking losing personal family data or business file systems can be. Thus, you can ask any questions using this link so that our data recovery specialists can help you right away! Our data repair customer service will get back to you as soon as possible. We are confident that we can help you resolve any data loss issue.

Certified Data Recovery Services

PITS Global Data Recovery Services experts and lab technicians possess years of experience, knowledge, and data recovery certifications. 

They can evaluate your case and help you to recover the critical data from the failed device. Every day these experts solve our customers’ issues from simple complexity to the most advanced data loss problems. 

Moreover, our specialists work only in a data recovery lab with a clean room, which is essential for successful data recovery. All our clean rooms are certified with ISO Class 10 standard. Each cleanroom has its local parts storage and dozens of data repair tools.

Our cleanrooms are regularly inspected and cleaned according to international cleanroom standards. These actions massively increase the data recovery success rate from magnetic hard drives. 

Data recovery engineers of our company wear the approved garment (white overalls head-to-toe with hoods) that resemble hazmat suits. They dress in coverings, overshoes, gloves, and eyeglasses to avoid any human dirt in the cleanroom area.

Our Data Recovery Process

PITS Global Data Recovery Services, as a trustable company, does everything to provide a client with a positive experience. We tailor our options and solutions to satisfy customers’ needs, as it is the core of our business. 

The data recovery process we perform is safe and straightforward. We make sure to keep customers updated throughout the whole procedure. Our goal is to make every step of recovery clear and understandable for the clients, to make them feel safe with our services. Also, customer satisfaction is essential, so we do not surprise our clients and do not cross the borders of the settled terms and conditions.


Request Help

If you notice any unusual performance from your data storage device, request data recovery services from our company. To get help from our experts, you can call the customer service line at (888) 611-0737 or fill out the form. Afterward, the shipping label will be sent to your right away.


Data Storage Delivery

There are various ways to send the device to one of our recovery facilities. We provide our clients with fast shipping, so we do not waste precious time.
To ship the device to us, a customer should pack the storage media using the shipping label and then send the package to our lab. If a client does not have the opportunity to go to a nearby postal office, we arrange a pickup service and send the device ourselves. You can also leave the device at one of our local offices and drop-off points.



Technical Evaluation

As soon as we receive the data storage media at our facility, our team immediately notifies the client about the successful shipping. Right after, we will start the technical inspection of the device to analyze the data loss scenario and understand its complexness.
We also offer several evaluation options for our clients.

The process of evaluation is completely risk-free for all data storage devices. PITS Global Data Recovery Services cares about customers’ trust and takes good care of the media while it is in the facility.


Service Quote

After the technical evaluation process is completed, we provide a client with a report. This report includes detailed information about the device, including failure reason, chances of successful data recovery, and service options.

At this stage, the customer needs to decide whether to proceed with our process or cancel it. In case of canceling, we safely send back the failed device to the client.

After the technical evaluation process is completed, we provide a client with a report. This report includes detailed information about the device, including failure reason, chances of successful data recovery, and service options.


At this stage, the customer needs to decide whether to proceed with our process or cancel it. In case of canceling, we safely send back the failed device to the client.


Successful Recovery

After the recovery process is completed, we arrange a remote session for the client to verify recovered files. After the verification, we deliver the files using two ways. We provide a secure cloud access link or return the recovered data on a brand-new external drive.
As soon as the client receives the recovered data and confirms the success receipt, our company destroys the data stored on our servers.

Certified Data Recovery Company

Data Recovery Software Or Service

Data recovery software can be all you need for basic errors and file corruption. However, you risk running the damaged disk under horrible conditions, potentially causing permanent damage to the data storage device.

Before you further turn your data system on and off, contact us to talk with one of our data recovery experts. We can fix problems that cause data corruption and repair all the damages.

At the same time, we can help you to build a reliable backup infrastructure, so data loss issues will never bother you. If you have any failed hard disk drives, solid-state drives, USB-flash drives, or any other device that failed, we are here anytime to help you. Our team is available 24/7 and will be happy to help you.

Our data recovery engineers work in a certified cleanroom that keeps your hard drives, SSDs, RAID arrays, and USB flash drives away from dust particles, humidity, and oil drops. Although we do not see them in the air, their presence in the atmosphere can seriously damage open storage systems. By working in specialized facilities, we protect your device from any damage.

If you notice unusual behavior from your data storage device, it is essential to power it down immediately and disconnect it from a power source. Continuing to run your device after a malfunction occurs can be critical and cause more damage to your data. Hence, it is vital to turn the media off and contact data recovery professionals.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineering team consists of highly-qualified and skilled technicians. They can handle various data loss scenarios and are able to deal with the most complicated cases. With experienced specialists, our company takes pride in supporting a 99% success rate for all of our data recovery services.