PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides South Dakota with professional solutions for failed hard drives, RAID arrays, servers, flash drives, and other storage devices. Our technicians have worked with various file systems, types of media, operating systems, and file classes.

Our Offices in South Dakota State

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With our vast network of facilities, Class 10 ISO Certified Cleanroom, and cutting-edge data recovery technologies, we successfully recover all your lost files anywhere you are. We are proud to maintain the highest in the industry – 100% customer satisfaction, and we are doing everything to support this rate. 

Citizens of South Dakota, including Canton, rely heavily on hard drives, RAIDs, and other storage systems for daily activities, and unexpected data loss is a significant problem for everyone. So, if you need professional data recovery services, we are here to help you.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in South Dakota

Hard drives process all the information that the computer user receives, changes, or creates. Unluckily, these devices are exposed to malfunctions like any media storage device. When an HDD or SSD failure occurs, data saved on the desktop or laptop computer becomes inaccessible. Moreover, it may lead to a complete data loss

For this reason, the healthy condition of your hard disk or solid-state drive is significant. 

We Successfully Recover Important Data from HDD and SSD

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Our company can find an individual solution for any physically, mechanically, or logically damaged hard drives. Our experienced technicians apply advanced techniques for recovery, which allows us to repair your device and restore all essential data with unmatchable security.

When your hard drive collapses, instead of looking for free online data recovery software, search for a verified data recovery company. PITS Global Data Recovery Services observes international security protocols for information security and data privacy. Hence, we can guarantee that your files will be safe with our services.

Call us at (888) 611-0737 to get more information, and our professional customer service will be happy to provide you with it. 

RAID Data Recovery in South Dakota

RAIDs are widespread devices due to their high capacity, redundancy, and fault-tolerant work. Still, these dependable devices are susceptible to failures due to virus attacks, multiple disk failures, power surges, or many other reasons. By working in the ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, we provide high-level data recovery solutions for all RAID configurations. 

RAID Levels We Recover Data from

Our experienced data recovery specialists have restored thousands of storage media, including your RAID. We will recover your device in our high-technology data recovery lab, using our advanced tools to achieve maximum restoration of your lost files.

Advantages of Our Recovery Services

Safe Shipping

After we receive your device, we take all the subsequent actions on ourselves. You should not worry about the safety of your hard drive, RAID arrays, servers, flash drives, memory cards, etc.
We will carefully prepare it for the shipping. We start a remote file verification session when the data retrieval process is completed. This way, a client can confirm the result.

Risk-Free Evaluation

Our skilled data recovery company offers a technical evaluation to make the collapse situation more manageable. Via our risk-free technical inspection, we estimate your device’s kind of failure and the level of damage, which will help us at the early stages of the data recovery process. After the examination, we will inform you about the timing turnaround and price quote.

Data loss is an unexpected and stressful event but PITS Global Data Recovery Services has your back. Our data recovery technicians are ready to help you with your critical data loss situation. 

Start your case today by filling out a request help form or calling us.