PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides Anchorage, AK, citizens with professional data repair solutions. Our engineers have experience restoring data from various data storage devices, including hard disk drives, solid-state drives, RAIDs, flash drives, and others. 

Our Data Recovery Services in Anchorage:

Our team understands the importance of having a reputable recovery service provider nearby. To help our customers everywhere and anywhere, we expand our network of facilities. With more than 50 drop-off points and offices throughout the United States, PITS is ready to recover your lost, corrupted, or deleted data wherever you are.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in Anchorage

A hard disk drive is a dependable storage device used in computers, servers, RAIDs, and other systems. It is responsible for writing and reading all the user’s data. Hence, if something is wrong with the device, all the files stored on it become inaccessible.

hdd data repair

There are various reasons for losing data on a hard drive, which can be categorized into physical and logical. Regardless of the cause, the consequences are the same, and the solution is data recovery.

Many users try to perform data repair themselves without a professional’s assistance. However, this will cause more harm than good, as valuable files can be permanently lost. Therefore, we recommend entrusting your device to engineers with experience in recovery.

PITS technicians have all the resources to successfully restore data from your non-functioningcorrupted, or damaged hard drive. Working in state-of-the-art labs using the latest tools, they have thousands of cases on their accounts and support a 99% success rate.

Through the years in the recovery industry, we have been dealing with various data loss scenarios. Hence, we work with the hard drive of any brand, model, operating system, and storage capacity.

Our Secure Data Recovery Services for Hard Drives:

asus recovery services
hp recovery services

Starting a process with an evaluation, we find the most efficient data repair strategy for your device. By thoroughly reviewing your HDD, our experts will estimate the reason for failure and the level of damage. This information will help us recover the maximum amount of data.

We will also provide a turnaround time, price quote, and service options for the recovery. This way, a client can choose the most suitable recovery service.

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RAID Data Recovery in Anchorage

A Redundant Array of Independent Disks has a unique system for storing the valuable files of the user. By providing fast performance, data mirroring, and security, a RAID has an important place in the storage systems of businesses and individuals. 

RAID Drives Data Recovery

The structure of the array includes several hard disk drives, which makes it vulnerable to failures. If anything is wrong with some of the drives, all the data will become inaccessible

The most reliable solution to this problem is a data recovery service provided by a professional company. PITS offers RAID array recovery throughout the United States. We restore data from Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks regardless of the configuration.

RAID Levels We Recover Data from:

Recovering data from RAID is a complicated process that requires attention to detail, deep knowledge, and years of experience. Our engineers have all these qualities and are ready to recover your confidential data from RAID.

Offering flexible recovery options, we meet any needs and deadlines of our customers. We also provide emergency recovery services for time-sensitive cases. This way, the high-priority files will be recovered within 8-48 hours. 

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