PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides Durham, North Carolina, with professional hard drive data recoverySSD, and RAID array recovery services. Holding 99% success rates, offices all across the United States, and offering flexible data recovery service options, we have built a reputation as a reliable and industry-leading data repair company.

Durham Data Recovery Services: 

The City of Durham, NC, is famously known for its healthcare and medicine. Durham’s economy has more than 300 medical practices and medical and health-related companies. Apart from medical centers, there are a lot of businesses and individuals using modern technology in their day-to-day operations. And they cannot risk losing their data. 

Having a wide network of facilities, PITS Global Data Recovery Services has served Durham, NC, for many years with professional data recovery services. We recover data from hard drives, solid-state drives, RAID arrays, and other devices, maintaining a 99% success rate. 

Professional Data Recovery in Durham, NC

PITS engineers use state-of-the-art technology, advanced data recovery tools and Certified ISO Class 10 Cleanroom in order to protect your critical data during data recovery process. The cleanroom allows us to create a safe and free of pollutants space, protecting the storage devices from damage.

Our North Carolina customers, including both businesses and individuals, can trust us with all of their data recovery needs. 

Hard Drive Failure and Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Durham

Almost in each house, there is a hard drive user. Internal hard drives keep our essential data on computers and laptops. Some people prefer to use external HDDs to travel with their data wherever they go.

Not rarely do people accidentally drop their external hard drives, causing physical damage. Physically damaged hard drives cannot function properly and cause data inaccessibility.

Other reasons for external hard drive failures are almost the same as internal ones.

The list of the causes of hard drive data loss causes includes:


Wear and Tear

Power Failure

Malware and Virus Attacks

Firmware Corruption

User Error

Power Failure

User Error

These are some of the common data loss causes happening on hard drives. For years, PITS engineers have been restoring inaccessible data from these and more rare data loss causes. 

RAID Data Recovery In Durham

All modern businesses rely on servers for their daily operations. When it comes to business servers, companies mostly entrust their data storage to RAID arrays configured with NAS or other data storage types. By being a fault-tolerant device, RAID provides secure, fast, and trustable media storage. 

Unfortunately, server or RAID failure can still occur for different reasons, leading to data inaccessibility.

RAID Levels We Recover:

PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineers have years of experience repairing RAID systems from various data loss scenarios. Our team operates both onsite and remotely, depending on the conditions of your media. 

SAS RAID Drive Recovery

For time-sensitive cases, we offer emergency recovery services to minimize potential downtime for your business. With the emergency option, your business system data will be restored within 8-48 hours.

If you experience data inaccessibility and data loss on your hard drive, RAID array, or any other media, we strongly recommend unplugging the device and contacting us via a request help form or a call. Using damaged devices will worsen the situation and may cause complete data loss. 

By turning the media off, you prevent your device from causing more damage and ensure higher chances for successful recovery. Call us at (888) 611 0737 or contact us by filling in the request help form. Our customer service team representatives will gladly answer all of your questions and start your data recovery case.