PITS Global Data Recovery Services in Lakeland offers data retrieval services for hard drives, SSDs, laptops, flash drives, and RAID arraysOur team of professionals and a wide range of services help us maintain 100% customer satisfaction. 

Professional Data Recovery Services in Lakeland, Florida

We can help our clients with any device that fails. Working with various cases and media enables us to provide clients with an efficient data recovery process. Thus, with a comprehensive set of services and a vast network of facilities, our expert team can help customers anywhere and with any failure.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in Lakeland

Your hard drive is your daily ally for backing up all files. However, you are not immune to data loss. Documents or photos can be erased by mistake; a damaged hard disk can be faulty. Whatever the reason, you need to recover data from a hard drive.

What type of failure for a hard drive?

Several situations can lead to repairing and recovering files on damaged media. Whether internal or external, the hard drive has mechanical parts. These are very sensitive to many factors: vibrations, falls, flooding, temperature variations, etc.

When we talk about failures of this type of support, we can classify them into logical, electronic, and mechanical failures.

Logical failure

Logical failure is the least serious of all external hard drive failures. The storage system usually works, but you cannot access your data.

Viruses in the software, excessive accidental formatting, malware, partitioning, unintentional deletion of files, etc., usually cause this failure.

Electronic failure

In the event of an electronic failure, the disk is inert and emits no noise. This failure is frequently caused by an abnormally high electrical voltage or by the loss of an electronic component.

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Mechanical failure

The mechanical failure of an internal hard drive occurs when the medium is subjected to: shocks, falls, substantial temperature variations, wear and tear, flood or fire, etc.

We recover your data from internal and external hard drives with various data loss scenarios and all brands.

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 Advanced RAID Data Recovery in Lakeland, Florida

Whether your device has suffered physical damage or a logical failure, we offer a range of services tailored to your needs for RAID systems.

  • In laboratory

The best recovery option for any RAID system, regardless of the data loss situation experienced. This recovery service is provided in our state-of-the-art data recovery lab and ISO-5/Class 100 Cleanroom environment to ensure the safety of your data.

  • From a distance

Your data is retrieved remotely without your media leaving your premises. We connect to your system through the internet to perform live recovery. This is possible when the device or storage system is still operational.

  • On the site

For onsite data recovery, the storage server must be physically operational. Our engineers can provide recovery expertise if your RAID system cannot leave your premises. This option is only available for emergency cases. 

We provide secure, high-quality data recovery services that adhere to all the necessary standards. Accepting any level of RAID system to our facility, we guarantee you the safety and confidentiality of all restored data. In addition, we provide our customers with a risk-free evaluation.