PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers professional repair and file restoration solutions for businesses and individuals in Hollywood, CA. Our highly-trained team has years of experience working with various media devices, file types, and operating systems.

Data Recovery Services We Provide:

Our company provides all states of the country with superior solutions. With more than 50 facilities in the United States, we are able to help our clients anywhere, anytime their device fails. Our goal is to expand the vast network of locations and decrease the timing turnaround. 

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in Hollywood

In laptop and desktop computers, hard drives are responsible for all the processes. These devices help users to access all the required information easily. However, when something is wrong with the hard drive, access will be lost, and all the files will become inaccessible. 

Data can get lost due to accidental deletion, virus attack, water damage, and other reasons. One of the most severe cases of data loss is hard drive malfunction. 

When HDD or SSD failure occurs, it causes a lot of trouble to the user. To avoid all the complications and get all the valuable files back, people try to solve the problem themselves. However, this approach is not suitable for hard disk and solid-state drives.

There are many free online recovery tools and repair tutorials on the Internet, but they do not guarantee successful results. On the contrary, using them will worsen the situation, overwrite lost files, and make restoration impossible. Hence, when noting any collapse symptoms from your device, immediately contact a professional data recovery company.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineers regularly attend qualification courses and obtain certificates. With our highly-qualified team, we are able to deal with various types, brands, and models of hard drives, achieving superior recovery results.

We Successfully Recover Data from Hard disk and Solid-state Drives:

hp recovery services

Our skilled team is ready to solve your hard drive failure problem. To get our experts’ assistance, call our customer services line at (888) 611-0737.

RAID Data Recovery in Hollywood

Redundant Array of Independent Disks is a trustworthy and secure data storage device. Many businesses rely on this media and entrust it with all the confidential data. RAID arrays provide their users with high capacity, redundancy, speed, and incredible performance. 

But, as with any media device, RAID is exposed to failures. When the failure occurs, it causes a lot of trouble to the businesses, leading to severe losses. 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services understands how vital time is in a RAID failure situation. To save your time and resources, our company offers clients with time-sensitive cases an emergency service. With this option, our engineers will restore all your valuable files within 8-48 hours. 

RAID Levels We Recover Lost Data from:

We treat each case individually and work only in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. Thus, our company is proud to maintain the highest in the industry 99% success rate.

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