PITS Global Data Recovery Services delivers an extensive set of recovery solutions in Berkeley, CA. Our technicians have years of experience in data repair and work on various storage devices, including hard drives, solid-state drives, RAIDs, servers, flash drives, and memory cards.

Our Data Recovery Services in Berkeley:

Our company understands the importance of having a reliable recovery service provider nearby. To help our clients anytime, anywhere they need, we expand our network of facilities. Today, PITS has 50+ offices and drop-off points throughout the United States. We aim to increase this number and be able to restore valuable files regardless of where our customers are.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in Berkeley

Hard disk drives are durable data storage devices used in desktops, laptops, RAIDs, and other appliances. With years on the market, HDDs have earned a reputation as reliable and trustworthy media. However, some elements of the device make it susceptible to data loss.

The infrastructure of hard drives makes them highly exposed to physical damage. Any malfunction within the moving parts can result in irreversible data loss. There are also logical errors, like accidental deletion, malware, and formatting, that can result in the same outcome.

To avoid all the consequences of file inaccessibility on a hard drive, we recommend regularly checking its condition. Users can easily avoid severe data loss by performing regular scans and backups

Corrupted Hard Drive Data Recovery

Nevertheless, if the issue cannot be avoided, PITS engineers are ready to help.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services restores lost, corrupted, and deleted data from HDDs. Our staff regularly attends qualification courses and is ready to work on any brand and model of an internal or external hard drive.

We Recover Data from Hard Disk Drives:

asus recovery services
hp recovery services

Our team starts the data recovery process with a risk-free evaluation. By thoroughly reviewing an HDD in our lab, engineers estimate what caused data loss, the level of damage, and the chances for successful recovery. Based on all the details regarding your case, we choose the most effective data repair strategy.

Step-by-step, we recover all the valuable data from the device, achieving maximum results. Our technicians work on hard drives with the highest level of attention, deep knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies.

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RAID Data Recovery in Berkeley

A Redundant Array of Independent Disks has a complicated infrastructure, which makes it susceptible to failure. Consisting of multiple hard drives, it offers expanded storage capacity, high data security, and excellent performance. Nevertheless, if several of the drives have faults within them, the inaccessibility of a whole array is unavoidable.

Dell Drives Server Recovery

Recovering data from a RAID of any level is considered a complex process. Each configuration requires an individual approach and a customized solution.

Therefore, when facing a data loss on a RAID array, finding a reputable data recovery company is essential.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers businesses and individuals of the country reliable solutions for RAID restoration

Specializing in RAID recovery, our engineers will find the most efficient solution for any level and storage capacity.

RAID Levels We Recover Critical Data from:

Our company understands the needs and deadlines of our clients, hence, offers flexible recovery options. We consider various situations and provide various solutions for them.

When working on time-sensitive cases, we offer our customers an emergency data recovery service. With this option, all the high-priority data will be restored within 8-48 hours. We return data in various ways, but all guarantee the highest level of security.

PITS also understands that there may be a situation when a device can not leave its physical facility. For such cases, we offer remote or onsite data recovery. Based on the data loss scenario, we estimate the most suitable option for your case.

Hence, our engineers restore your files without any media transportation. With this approach to our cases, we support a 100% customer satisfaction rate throughout the years in the industry.

Become one of our satisfied clients by starting your recovery case today. You can get in touch with us by filling in a request form here or calling our customer service at 888 611 0737.