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Power failure is one of the most frequent and unanticipated causes of hard disk drive failure. A power surge can result in a variety of losses on a hard disk, including problems with the spindle motor, head unit, or electronics board.

A hard disk may act differently after a malfunction. Some drives may quit functioning with extraneous noises, while others may malfunction silently. These scenarios will cause the computer to malfunction or run slowly, resulting in a file opening issue. Even though the drive’s data is inaccessible, it is still possible to restore it.

Our technicians have years of experience retrieving data from various hard disk drive brands and models. And they are able to assist with any failure scenario.

WD Hard Drive Data Failure

Our company recently received an internal WD Caviar Green hard disk drive for evaluation. The client attempted to upload his report files to the disk when his PC and internal hard drive were both damaged by a power surge.

When the customer turned on his computer, he heard a knocking noise, so he stopped using the drive and called our customer support team. He spoke with our representative before shipping the drive to us. We started an evaluation as soon as the device arrived at our lab.

The drive was not visible in the computer’s BIOS, as the client had stated. To perform an evaluation, our team had to unsolder the WD hard drive in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom.

Cleanroom Hard Drive Recovery

Considering that a damaged spindle motor most of the time results in a head crash, our engineers had to be very careful with the evaluation.

The block of magnetic heads moves relative to the surface with user data at great speed. Even minor and invisible damage to the human eye can make data recovery impossible. To determine mechanical damage and data recovery capabilities, the hard disk drive was examined using various light sources and a microscope. 

Our engineer only found a few circular scratches. The drive’s motor was not rotating the platters. Hence, the data recovery had to be done by removing the magnetic heads and transferring them to a new HDD.

HDD Spindle Motor Data Recovery

The spindle motor, which rotates the drive platters on the axis, is the most crucial part of a hard drive. Unintentional disk dropping or power surge can damage the motor, rendering the hard drive useless and preventing access to its contents. Only an experienced data recovery company can help in these situations.

WD Caviar Green Data Recovery

In the client’s situation, the spindle motor stopped spinning because of broken hydraulic ball bearings. For motor failures, moving the magnetic platter to a different hard disk model that is precisely the same has shown to be the most successful data recovery method.

The data recovery technician moved the read/write heads from the magnetic platters. Afterward, he cleaned their surfaces using an ultrasonic cleaner to get rid of metallic debris.

Our specialists could move the platters to a new drive without causing any harm. It was necessary for data reading and writing to happen synchronously along the surface of the magnetic disks, which required exact alignment. Once the platter was positioned correctly, our professionals started extracting all files.

WD Hard Disk Drive Bad Sectors Restoration

After reviewing the data, our technician found that the drive had soft bad sectors in the service area. Bad sectors harm the hard drive file system, preventing the operating system from correctly identifying or determining specific partitions.

Our expert successfully fixed all corrupt sectors, and all files were moved to a new hard drive. The customer reviewed the recovered files via a remote data verification session. We sent restored data on a new HDD when we received approval.

Our company supports a 99% success rate by considering even the most minor nuances of each unique case for our customers. 


We successfully recover data from various media storage thanks to our many years of expertise and highly qualified experts.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineers always work in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom to prevent damage to any delicate data storage components. Our company’s experienced engineers working in a lab with the required specialized equipment are the key to efficient data recovery. Call PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to retrieve your important data or fill out this form.

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