PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides secure and professional data destruction services for businesses and individual users across the US. Our data recovery engineers can overwrite your data, destroy read/write heads, and permanently damage the magnetic field that stores files inside of the device.

Data erasure is a helpful solution for those who want to erase their data for good. Using this method, people destroy their data stored on hard drives, tapes, flash drives, and other storage devices.

But why do we need to destroy data if we can simply delete it? Because emptying the recycle bin is not enough, the data is still there. It has a bright side – you can recover your accidentally deleted files. But from the other point of view, if you need to destroy your files completely, you need to request drive destruction services. 

Data Destruction Solutions

When you delete data from your laptop, computer, or smartphone, it is still on your device. It gets partially or fully overwritten when you write new data over the old one. It can be comparable to trying to erase something written with a pen on paper.

Erasing pen writing is impossible. You can either take your text into brackets so that reader understands that this part is unnecessary or ink it over so that no one ever sees this. 

You can destroy data in a few different ways depending on the type and number of the devices. People usually attempt to erase their data with data erasing software exists. But still, it does guarantee that the information will become inaccessible.

According to statistics, less than 50% of data destruction software can completely erase data from the device. And unfortunately, to make sure that data was erased, you still need the help of professional service.

Experienced engineers of our company destroy sensitive data using three different methods. Each of them is useful for a unique situation depending on the number of devices and type of it.

Hard Disk Drive Recovery


Overwriting (also called data wiping) is the process of writing new data on top of old. In most situations, if you overwrite data once, it will be enough. Still, we prefer to wipe data several times for the best results.

Using this method, you can destroy your data without damaging the data storage device. It is a great option if you want to continue using the device after data destruction. 

From the other standpoint, if you want to overwrite an entire high-capacity drive, this solution might take longer than the other ones. Besides, this method won’t work with a damaged or still writable hard drive. 

Note: Trying to overwrite data on your own can leave gaps in inaccessible areas such as host-protected regions, so it requires professional data erasure.


Another method is to degauss hard drives, tapes, and other data storage devices.

As you might have known, hard drives use magnetic technology to store data. So, in order to destroy data, you can just degauss the device. Degaussing is the process of interrupting the magnetic structure of the storage device and destroying the data in the process.

Data Destruction Services

The advantage of such a method is the speed of the process. Degaussing can effectively and very quickly purge an entire medium of storage media. This solution can be applied only to magnetic storage devices such as hard disks or magnetic tape. 

But, unfortunately, if you are planning to use the media after data destruction, this method is not for you. It destroys magnetic mechanisms making the device non-functional. In addition, degaussing destroy data only from magnetic media, which means that it cannot eradicate files from such devices as solid-state drives.

Physical Damage

If you don’t use the device anymore and only need to erase data for good, physical destruction can be a great option for you. Using this method, we can destroy your data in several ways, including drillingdrive shredding servicechemical melting, and other techniques that render physical data storage media unreadable.

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery

Still, sometimes data can be recovered with forensic methods in such cases. This is why we mostly prefer pulverizing the disk to particles when physically destroying the media. This ensures the data is irrecoverable.  

All of these methods are effective in destroying data for good, but only if you trust it to experts. Destroying data by yourself can still leave some files recoverable. 

Our team not only can destroy your data securely but also test each deleted device to recoverability. We examine it until making sure there is no data left to be recovered and that it is totally unusable.

For more information about our media disposal and data destruction service, call our data center at (888) 611 0737 or submit a request form. Our responsive customer service team will get back to you in a few minutes.