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Like all storage devices, Seagate hard drives are prone to problems that lead to data loss. The malfunction may occur for various reasons starting from user actions: deleting and formatting – and ending with external damages that lead to media failure: power surge, shock, fall, shaking. 

BMH damage is the most common mechanical problem during Seagate hard drive data failures. An unpleasant feature for such cases is that in case of a block of magnetic heads failure, the surface of the plates on the disks of this manufacturer is damaged much more often than on the media of other brands. The resulting cylindrical cuts make data recovery very difficult.

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to request our professional hard disk drive data recovery solutions. Our technicians will safely replace the block of magnetic heads in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. They will securely extract all the data and transfer them back to you confidentially.

Seagate HDD PCB Failure

The hard drive controller board or printed circuit board’s primary functions are to supply power to the device, maintain spindle speed and rotation, and control all internal operations through the firmware. 

The PCB is the brain of the hard drive, on which all components depend heavily. If the spindle motor does not spin up after power is applied, it likely has a faulty controller board. 

Seagate External Drive Data Recovery

Recently, we received a Seagate external hard disk drive data recovery request from our client. The customer said that he was making a backup of his vital files when a power surge damaged his media. He tried to access his data, but it became inaccessible.

After reading articles about the harms of self-data recovery, he decided to entrust his device to a certified company. The customer consulted with our dedicated customer service representative and shipped his device for expedited evaluation.

HDD Printed Circuit Board Recovery

Our data recovery experts received the device and started working on it immediately. The engineer tried to run software diagnostics, but the magnetic platters were not rotating. So the only way to find the problem was to check the hard disk drive in a cleanroom.

Every PITS Global Data Recovery Services technician works on sensitive media storage in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. A clean room is a complex technical structure with a concentration of suspended dust particles. To determine the level of cleanliness in such institutions, the concept of cleanliness class is used, determined by the number of emissions in air volume units. 

Our data recovery specialist noticed that the printed circuit board of the client’s drive was damaged due to the power surge. To restore data, the technician removed the damaged PCB and unscrewed another one from the exact same Seagate HDD.

Seagate External Drive Data Repair

For Seagate hard drives, our technician needed to verify the donor PCB’s board number, the marking of the main chip, and the chip that controls the power supply of the spindle motor.

Seagate External Drive Data Recovery

The damaged board was successfully replaced. As in our customer’s case, some boards on Seagate hard drives can not be installed without copying the ROM. 

As the disk motor spun, but the disk was not detected after installing a new board, the engineer needed to transfer the ROM chip from the original board to the new one. If there is no compatible ROM chip on the PCB, the ROM is integrated into the main controller chip. In this case, we will need to solder the main chip.

With years of experience in the industry, a vast range of donor parts, and advanced data recovery tools, PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ technicians successfully replace the PCB and access the lost files stored on the hard drive. After reviewing the results, the client approved all the restored files, and we shipped his data back to him on a new drive.

Start your case today by contacting PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 or filling out the “Request Help” form. Our highly skilled data recovery engineers will securely and confidentially recover files on your drive.

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