PITS Global Data Recovery Services can recover your data from any type of failed device, including all Hitachi models available on the market. We provide hard drivesolid-state drive and RAID repair services for businesses and individuals.

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Hitachi External Drive Recovery

Hitachi specializes in all kinds of hard drives, including solid-state drives, hard disk drives, and external hard drives. Trusted in over 170 countries by thousands of companies, Hitachi makes top-level storage devices. 

As with all drives and NAS systems, make sure your system gets regular maintenance and monthly password changes. That will ensure maximum fault tolerance and security for your device.

Recovering data from Hitachi devices is a very delicate process. The chances of drive data recovery go down with each unsuccessful attempt. If the Hitachi hard drive begins showing signs of failure, such as trouble with loading files, power the device off. It will help you save the device files that data recovery engineers will later restore.

Failed Hard Drive Recovery

Setup to Avoid Hitachi Drive Failure

If choosing a RAID setup, Hitachi drives can be arranged in any array. However, be careful not to arrange the drives improperly. It can cause data loss or file system errors. It is essential to be careful with setting up and powering on a new RAID array.

Our specialists recommend RAID 6 for best performance balanced with reliable fault tolerance. Make sure your NAS RAID array takes advantage of either parity or disk mirroring for data redundancy.

A good NAS RAID setup has tolerance to at least one drive failure, if not more. That way, catching the error is easier before catastrophic data loss occurs on your Hitachi external drive.

Common Causes of Hitachi External Drives Failure

If a HGST hard drive or component piece starts to fail, you can notice it by several signs. In general, keep in mind how the computer functions when operating normally. 

  • Is there a sudden slowdown in files loading? 
  • Do blue screens and erratic lag times appearing?
  • Do odd grinding or whirring sounds start coming from the Hitachi external drive? 

If the answer is yes, these are symptoms of the potential drive failure. We recommend our customers running regular maintenance to avoid these common symptoms and pitfalls. Aside from symptoms, it is also important to note the causes of Hitachi external drive data loss. 

Common Causes of Hitachi Data Loss:

  • Overheating 
  • Physical Damage
  • Malware and Virus Attacks
  • An Improperly Arranged RAID system 
  • Natural Wear-and-Tear/Machine Degradation 
  • Firmware/Controller Failure
  • Power Surges or Outages 
Hitachi Drive Data Recovery

Pro-tip: use surge protectors to protect against power surges and outages, which can be very damaging for Hitachi external drives.

How We Perform Hitachi Data Recovery? 

If your drive experiences partial or total data loss, don’t panic. Power the device down, unplug all cables, and contact a data recovery service. 

Our experienced data recovery experts use cutting-edge techniques with powerful microscopes, which can replace and solder pieces less than a millimeter across.

Besides, in our certified ISO cleanroom facilities, we have all the tools necessary. There, our data repair experts can provide in-lab fixes and firmware replacements to salvage data from even critically damaged Hitachi devices.  

Additionally, we create customized data recovery software that can extract files in certain instances.

Avoid online programs that are cookie-cutter software. They can fail and cause irreparable damage to your data recovery efforts. Data recovery companies will make sure you understand the root cause of your data loss before providing software to fix the issue.  

We Offer Emergency Service

We provide emergency services to clients whose data recovery efforts are time-sensitive. Typically, emergency data recovery service takes 8-48 hours. 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services specializes in HDDSDD, and NAS server recovery. Like with other technology brands, our data recovery engineers are industry-certified to fix your external drives.

If your Hitachi device failed with a lost data to be recovered, contact our customer service today to find out more and start your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hitachi data recovery service refers to professional services provided to recover data from Hitachi storage devices, such as hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs). These services aim to retrieve lost, inaccessible, or corrupted data from Hitachi storage devices due to hardware failures, accidental deletion, formatting errors, or other data loss scenarios.

Hitachi data recovery service should be considered when you encounter data loss or data access issues with your Hitachi storage device. These situations may include accidental deletion of important files, physical damage to the storage device, corruption of data due to software or hardware failures, or if you are unable to access data due to logical errors.

Data recovery from Hitachi storage devices is a complex and delicate process that requires specialized knowledge, tools, and a controlled environment. Unless you have the necessary expertise and equipment, it is not advisable to attempt data recovery on your own, as improper handling can result in permanent data loss or further damage to the storage device. It is recommended to seek professional Hitachi data recovery services.

The duration of Hitachi data recovery can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the data loss scenario, the extent of damage to the storage device, the size of the storage device, and the availability of necessary parts. Simple recoveries may be completed within a few days, while complex cases or severe physical damage may take longer. The data recovery service provider should provide an estimated timeframe based on the specific situation.

Hitachi data recovery services aim to recover various types of data, including documents, photos, videos, audio files, databases, and other file formats. However, the success of data recovery depends on the condition of the storage device and the extent of data damage or corruption. It is important to contact a professional data recovery service provider as soon as possible to increase the chances of successful data retrieval.

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