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Like any other type of media storage, a hard drive is not error-free, and data loss is common for various reasons. Considering the problems of hard drives, it is necessary to mention that data loss is often accompanied by physical damage to the drive. 

If the media hardware is fully functional, the loss of information, in most cases, occurs due to errors in the partition table or file system structures. For example, this can happen due to incorrect computer shutdown, software, or hardware failures. Also, data recovery on hard drives is often required after user errors or virus activity.

In the case of motherboard malfunction, the data physically remains on the disk, but information about its location is lost. Also, incorrect entries in structures in file systems can lead to the loss of individual files and directories.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers reliable hard disk drive data recovery services. Our highly trained specialists work with complex failure cases. They securely access all lost files without damaging them.

HGST Hard Drive Data Failure

This week, our data recovery team received an HGST hard disk drive for an evaluation. The hard drive was used on a desktop PC when it failed. The customer said that the hard drive slowed down drastically, and suddenly operating system started to show a partition error. 

He ignored it and proceeded to work, thinking of fixing it afterward. However, the hard drive later failed, and the client lost access to his crucial documents.

HGST Data Recovery Service

Instead of self-recovery, the customer decided to entrust the device to the professionals. Our technician received the media storage and started the data recovery right away.

First, our engineer performed visual control of the integrity of the electronic components. Semiconductor devices during malfunction are very different from serviceable ones. They can change the board’s color. 

The chips on the voltage formers were very clearly visible in the microscope. The expert noticed three malfunctions. Two resistors and one diode were damaged. The spindle motor was jammed as well.

For an experienced specialist, the appearance of damaged elements is enough to draw preliminary conclusions and malfunctions. The customer was informed about the results of the evaluation. After receiving his approval, our data recovery experts started to restore vital files.

Internal HDD Data Recovery Solution

The motherboard is designed to provide conversion operations and transfer of information from read/write heads to the drive interface. It handles a number of data stream transformation operations. Thus its failure leads to severe data loss.

There Are Several Reasons for Motherboard Drive Failure:

Short Circuit

It happens when individual parts of the board come into contact with conductive surfaces.


Sensitive electronics require ideal operating conditions.

Mechanical Damage

Damage can be caused by improper cable connection.

Voltage Instability

With a sharp increase in voltage, the microcircuits of the controller burn out.

The components failed due to a defective connector in the customer’s HGST drive. First, our technician unsoldered the damaged elements using soldering tweezers. After replacing them, he started working on the jammed spindle.

Thanks to years of experience, our data recovery specialist could successfully start the drive motor. As the HDD with the opened hermetic block is not further functional, he began to extract and analyze all the data. The next step was to restore the partition error that occurred before.

HGST Hard Drive Partition Recovery

The Invalid Partition error happened due to corruption in the table. More than two partitions on the disk were marked as active. The damaged partition table was located in the Master boot record, which handles most of the logic and carries file systems. 

HGST hard drive recovery

It could occur due to either corrupt MBR, which corrupts the file system, or an Incorrect system boot sequence that leads to unsuccessful booting.

The engineer could fix the partition error using our advanced recovery tools. After that, he transferred all the data to a new hard drive. The client approved the results via a remote verification session. We shipped the data back to him and successfully closed the case.

Contact us at (888) 611-0737 to receive professional help with recovering lost data. PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ experts will restore all your data and fix all logical issues. Thanks to engineers working in state-of-art laboratories, we maintain the highest quality in the industry, with a 99% success rate.

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