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Western Digital is one of the most widespread hard drive manufacturers, and their My Passport external drives earned a reputation as reliable and top-level storage devices. These drives are lightweight yet built and designed to survive most types of failures. It also offers features like encryption which allows you to protect any sensitive data stored on it. 

WD external hard drives offer their users high capacity, flexibility, and security, so these devices often store a large amount of valuable data. As people entrust all of their essential files to WD My Passport, they rely on the durability and reliability of this storage. However, no matter how dependable the external hard drive is, failure is always a possibility. 

WD My Passport Collapse and What to Do

Malfunction can occur on any data storage device, and Western Digital My Passport is not an exception. Failure can occur for various reasons, which are categorized into logical, physical, and mechanical. 

Strange clicking, ticking sounds, burnt PCB, and broken or stuck read/write heads are considered physical crashes. There are also logical issues that can occur when data is accidentally deleted from the drive or when the device gets formatted.

WD External Drive Blue Recovery

Problems Caused by My Passport Malfunction:

  • WD My Passport is not Recognized
  • Unusual Behavior and Slow Performance
  • The Drive Does not Spin
  • Clicking, Whirring, or Grinding Noises 
  • Inaccessibility of the Files stored on Device
  • Complete Data Loss

Still, regardless of the failure reason, external hard drive failure is a critical event, which needs to be treated as soon as possible.

What Not to Do When External Hard Drive Fails

When a failure occurs, it leads to severe consequences, including data inaccessibility and file system corruption. To avoid collapse complications, many users try to fix the device themselves and retrieve data using fast methods found online. 

If the failure impacts essential files stored on your WD My Passport, it is necessary not to save time and money on efficient data recovery. There are several simple steps that can help you make a failure situation more manageable. 

By going through these actions, you will increase the chances for successful recovery and retrieval of lost files.

  • If you run into some problems with your WD My Passport, power it down immediately. Every second the device is in use, it reads and writes information to the platters. So, continuing to operate your drive will lead to erasing your data for good.
  • Try to collect as much information as it is possible about the failure. Recording sounds that come off collapsed devices and noticing error messages that pop up will help estimate the reason for the collapse.
  • There are many restoration tools and repair tutorials on the Internet, but they do not guarantee successful results. An unverified data recovery program will not recover all lost files and may insert viruses on your drive. Hence, do not risk your valuable information, and if you see any malfunction signs – contact a professional data recovery company. 
WD My Passport Ultra Drive Recovery

Western Digital My Passport external hard drive failure can be stressful and complicated. When a device that stores all your essential photos, videos, and documents, collapses, it causes many problems. To solve them quickly and efficiently, entrust your drive to professionals. 

There is never one way to retrieve lost data from your external hard drive, so the approach from experienced experts is required to achieve the maximum result. 

Choose Experts For WD My Passport Recovery

Our specialists recovered data from thousands of external hard drives and developed the most effective ways for various kinds of failures. We also perform data recovery and repair in specialized facilities, including ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, to keep your device and recovered files safe. By working in a controlled environment, no damage will be caused to your fragile hard drive. 

WD My Passport External Drive Recovery

We Recover Data from WD Hard Drives:

  • My Passport Elements
  • My Passport Ultra
  • My Passport Slim
  • My Passport Studio
  • My Passport Air
  • My Passport Pro
  • My Passport Enterprise
  • My Passport AV-TV

Hard drive data recovery is a complicated process, which requires high skills and attention to detail. Our data recovery engineers have thousands of successful cases on their accounts, and yours will not be an exception. Call us if you have any questions regarding our data recovery services, and fill out a request help form to start your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data loss can occur due to various reasons, including accidental deletion, formatting, file system corruption, physical damage, and issues with the drive’s electronics. Identifying the cause is crucial for determining the best recovery approach.

DIY data recovery attempts can risk further data loss or drive damage. We recommend seeking professional assistance from a data recovery service like PITS Global, especially if the data is valuable.

If you suspect data loss, immediately stop using the drive to prevent overwriting data. Do not attempt to run disk utilities or perform any actions that may worsen the situation. Contact a professional data recovery service for assistance.

The recovery time varies depending on factors such as the extent of data loss and the drive’s condition. We aim to complete the process as efficiently as possible while ensuring data integrity. An estimated timeframe will be provided during the assessment.

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