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WD My Passport hard drives are modern compact portable storage media. The interface used to connect to the computer is USB 3.0. The main reason for the failure of this hard drive, which requires data recovery, is day-to-day operation and transportation. 

A reasonably common malfunction is the jamming of the read-write mechanism inside the hard drive itself. Data recovery, in this case, most often involves replacing the block of magnetic heads inside the hard drive.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ engineers face various failure cases of the WD My Passport hard drive electronics board. The USB 3.0 connectors are integrated directly into the WD My Passport hard drive controller for regular operation and full communication. Thus during data recovery, it is necessary to convert the interface of the drive controller to S-ATA. Only after that our technicians work with the hard disk according to the technological commands. 

WD My Passport Portable HDD Data Failure

Our data recovery experts received a request for a WD My Passport Portable 5TB hard disk drive. The client was packing his equipment but accidentally dropped the media storage. After that, he could not access his vital documents. 

WD MyPassport Drive Recovery

The customer also mentioned that while he tried to open his files, he also heard beeping sounds from the drive. A disk can emit a quiet beeping if the electronics board on the disc is working, the motor windings are working, but the spindle does not spin the magnetic plates. This usually happens when the engine is stuck.

Our data recovery team received the hard drive and started the technical inspection. The specialist unsealed the HDD in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom

WD MyPassport Drive Recovery

The inspection showed that due to the falling, the spindle motor was damaged, and the magnetic heads were stuck to the platters. 

Our expert also noticed that there were circular scratches on the hard drive. The scratches on the disk plates indicate that the data can not be completely restored, as the files on damaged zones are already irretrievably lost. After receiving approval from the customer, our engineer started the recovery process.

Western Digital My Passport Spindle Motor Recovery

A miniature bearing of a hard disk drive carries massive plates mounted on a rather long spindle. Colossal forces are transmitted to it, and this is with a high rotation speed and rigorous requirements for radial-axial beats. 

Thus physical damage to the HDD leads to spindle motor malfunctions. Firstly, our specialist removed the read/write heads from the platters. Then he cleaned their surfaces using an ultrasonic cleaner so that further actions would be safe.

WD MyPassport Drive Data Repair

In the client’s case, damaged ball bearings prevented the motor from rotating. Only one guaranteed way to recover the data is to rearrange the plate pack to another HDA with serviceable bearings and motors.

However, since it is necessary to very accurately maintain the relative position of the plates in the package and their centering, such an operation is considered one of the most difficult. The hard drive platters were successfully transferred to a new drive by our data recovery expert without causing any damage.

Portable HDD Magnetic Platters Recovery

A magnetic head malfunction damages the magnetic platters of the hard disk in the form of ring scratches. When the heads hit the surface of the platters, they fail, and the smallest metal dust appears in the HDA from the damaged magnetic layer covering the platters. 

Scratches on the customer’s HDD platter surface were the most problematic damage when recovering. When the pack of platters was transferred, our engineers extracted data. 

WD External Drive Data Recovery

This process was done according to the damaged HDD’s memory controller algorithms.

The specialists recovered 99% of the high-priority data. The client approved the results, and we sent his data back on a new drive.

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services customer service at (888) 611-0737. Our specialists will securely recover all your essential data.

WD External Drive Data Recovery

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