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External hard drives are great for storing sensitive business information or personal data. Western Digital offers a series of portable external hard drives called WD My Passport. You can keep your photos, videos, and other files on this reliable mobile device.

The WD My Passport hard drive features innovative styling and is available in various colors to match your preference. It comes with a fusion of modern anodized metal and textures.

External Drive Asks to Format

WD My Passport Failure

If the hard disk drive is faulty, then in order to recover data from the device, it is necessary to replace damaged parts.

Then read the content of the magnetic platters with a particular hardware programmer device and decrypt them with unique codes, turning them into data. 

Recently, we received a data recovery request for a WD My Passport hard drive. The customer saved all of his master’s research papers on the HDD, but when he tried to access his documents, the data became inaccessible.

After googling data recovery companies, the client decided we were the best option for fast and secure recovery. He had a consultation with our customer service representative and shipped his drive for an emergency data recoveryThis option is for those who have to access all their data as soon as possible. It takes 8-48 hours to complete the data retrieval process.

WD My Passport Recovery Process

In our client’s case, a fatal service area error was detected, and the controller stopped accessing the data, returning a pre-formed sector, most often filled with zeros in response to the read command. It can also inform about the absence of a carrier. 

WD Red External Drive Recovery

It happens mainly due to the failure of the magnetic heads. As the drive’s microcontroller could not access the data, all the files were seen as corrupted. The Operating System requested to format the hard drive.

Our engineers unsoldered the device’s hermetic block. They noticed that the block of magnetic heads stopped at the parking place and did not come on the surface of the platters.

WD Red External Drive Recovery

It happened as the client unplugged the drive when it was still transferring data. The magnetic heads rushed to the parking zone to not damage the surface, but the BMH became damaged.
Data recovery experts replaced the block of magnetic heads in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. Then they began to extract all the available data.

As the files became corrupted, they had to encrypt them before delivering files to a new WD My Passport hard drive. We used our encryption keys which are scripts written specifically for Western Digital My Passport hard drives.

All the files were fixed when the encryption process was finished and saved on a functioning drive. The client reviewed the results of our data recovery process and approved it.

External Drive Not Shown

Data loss is one of the most stressful and destructive things that can happen to your hard drive. It could be that you deleted your files or other data by accident. Your external hard drive may become inaccessible, corrupted, or stop responding at all. After such an incident, it becomes difficult to get your files back.

Below you can read some advice from PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ engineers on how to use media storage to avoid data loss safely.

How to Secure Your Hard Drive

Make database backups. If you copy a lot of information to hard drives or flash memory, then a very small investment in a stack of hard disks helps save essential documents, files, priceless photos, and MP3s.

Use an antivirus, as viruses may enter your computer numerous ways. They may appear after reading an infected file attached to an electronic record or after visiting websites that use holes in the security of your system.

We recommend using power surge protection. It is caused either by the fault of the power supply company or by lightning and remains the most common data loss cause and possible damage to the hard drive.

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to request our professional full file restoration solutions. You can also fill out the request help form to start your case with our team. Our engineers are highly qualified and have years of experience in the data recovery field. We have dealt with thousands of failed devices and worked on numerous data loss scenarios. 

We guarantee our clients maximum recovery results in the required timeframe. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are dealing with data loss on the same device as our clients did, and we will gladly help you.

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