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NAS systems are specialized devices that primarily provide storage services to other appliances on the network. The OS and programs of the NAS provide data storage and file system operation, access to files, and control over system functions. The device is not designed to perform typical computing tasks, although running other programs may be technically possible. 

Nevertheless, even with the most reliable data storage systems, unforeseen situations can occur. As a result of NAS failure, essential documents may be lost.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provide advanced data restoration solutions for cloud storage devices. A team of lab experts is ready to restore data from RAID and get the server running within the shortest possible time. 

WD Red NASware Hard Drive Failure

Our data recovery team received a request for evaluation of WD 8TB Red NASware HDD. The client complained that the storage is determined by the computer, but user data is not available. He tried to recover his data by using data recovery software, which worsened the situation. 

The customer decided to ensure the cloud hard drive to our experts. Upon completion of the diagnosis, our engineer determined that the drive was damaged due to normal wear and tear associated with heavy use. 

Wear of magnetic platters was found as well. Thus our experts had to recover the magnetic platters before extracting and further analyzing the data.

Damage can be either electrical or mechanical. In the case of strong physical impacts on the drive, the magnetic head mounts can bend, after which the BMH can scratch the disk platters, significantly complicating data recovery. Our engineer started the data recovery process as soon as the inspection was over.

WD Red from My Cloud Data Recovery

WD My Cloud Recovery

This failure does not affect the user’s files because after replacing the magnetic heads unit, the entire volume of the disk becomes available for reading. In the customer’s case, the problem lies in the fact that not only did the heads fail, but they scratched the platter’s surfaces.

Therefore, when the head unit was replaced, the platters had the same damage they received when the native heads of the disk failed. These were the micro-scratches and damaged, unreadable sectors.

Accordingly, these damaged areas can potentially contain user data, some of which may be irreversibly lost.

Our engineer unsealed the HDD and cleaned its components in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. Then he replaced the block of magnetic heads and started analyzing all the available data. 

A large number of bad sectors and, as a result, damage to part of the firmware were found. Often, this problem is caused by a huge number of bad sectors on the magnetic drive platters. Some parts of the hard drive system firmware, such as S.M.A.R.T. and G-List, are corrupted. This, in turn, prevents the storage from working.

It’s crucial to seek professional assistance to avoid further damage to your device. One such issue that can arise is the failure of the WD My Cloud login system due to firmware corruption or other problems. Without access to your login, you may be unable to retrieve your data or access your hard drive. Fortunately, professional data recovery services can help you recover your files and restore access to your WD My Cloud account. By working with experienced engineers who specialize in data recovery from damaged hard drives, you can regain access to your valuable data and prevent further loss or damage to your device.

WD My Cloud NAS Storage Recovery

A bad sector or bad block is an unreliable or unreadable section of the HDD. The more bad blocks, the worse and slower the media works. When there are more bad sections than the norm set by the manufacturer, the hard drive stops working.

Parts of hard drives inevitably deteriorate over time, and incorrect work with the device speeds up the process of the appearance of broken segments. It is impossible to recognize damaged blocks without specialized tools since they are not visually displayed in the system.

If you’re using a WD My Cloud EX2 device, it’s essential to pay attention to any signs of hard drive failure or damage. Common symptoms of a failing hard drive include slow performance, system crashes, and errors when accessing files or folders. If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to power down your device and contact a professional data recovery service provider that specializes in recovering data from WD My Cloud EX2 devices. These experts have the knowledge and specialized tools required to diagnose and repair hard drive issues, as well as to retrieve your valuable data safely and efficiently. By taking action quickly and working with experienced professionals, you can avoid permanent data loss and ensure the longevity of your WD My Cloud EX2 device.

Using advanced data recovery tools, our experts cleaned the bad sectors and the microprogram and disk management were banned from making any changes in the future. The WD network-attached storage disk began to be defined. 

The technicians took a file image of the drive on the data recovery tool to restore the data. Creating a disk image is much more secure than normal read/write operations. 

WD My Cloud Data Recovery

First of all, cloning a disk will prevent further damage or data loss. Secondly, the speed of reading from a disk image is much higher than from a damaged hard disk.

Our engineer recovered 98.96% of all the requested data. The customer reviewed the files and approved them via a remote verification session. Then, we shipped his data back and destroyed all of the copies stored on our servers.

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 or fill out the Request Help form to get our solutions for your particular case. Our experts will assist you in recovering files.

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