Hard Drive RecoveryWD 20NMVW Drive Data Recovery

With the growing availability of digital devices, people use some form of storage media to store their files worldwide. One of the most popular media storage devices is the hard drive, which is also an integral part of the computer. 

Western Digital, one of the most well-known brands on the market, creates dependable, premium hard drives. The WD 20NMVW HDD is a non-volatile storage device that uses platters with magnetic surfaces rotating at a speed of 5400RPM.

Sometimes there is a need to format or delete a partition when reinstalling the operating system. But a user can also accidentally format or delete the wrong section. We do not suggest using data recovery software, as most of the time, they overwrite lost data, making data retrieval nearly impossible. The most reliable Western Digital data recovery solution is PITS Global Data Recovery Services. 

Our team offers safe and fast data retrieval services for various WD media storage devices. With years of experience in the data recovery industry, advanced tools, and a vast range of donor drives, our engineers maintain a 99% success rate.

WD 20NMVW Hard Disk Controller Failure

Recently, our data recovery team received an internal Western Digital 20NMVW hard disk drive for an expedited evaluation. The customer said that his hard drive had been overheated for a while, but suddenly it powered down. When he tried to turn on his PC, the device did not boot up, making his work documents lost. 

WD 20NMVW Data Recovery

He carefully extracted the hard disk drive and shipped it to our laboratory. The data recovery technician started the evaluation immediately. 

First of all, the hard drive case was inspected for physical damage that may happen during the shipping process. The next step was opening the HDA and diagnosing the condition of the surface of the disks, the magnetic head unit, and the recirculation filter. Further, the printed circuit board, all the elements on it, and the condition of the contacts are carefully inspected.

During the diagnostics, our engineer discovered that the hard disk controller melted due to constant overheating. As the data recovery expert could not power up the hard disk drive, the operation of the spindle motor could not be evaluated.

Western Digital HDD HDC Recovery

The hard disk controller is physically located on the electronics board and is designed to provide operations for converting and transferring information from the read/write heads to the drive interface. A hard drive controller is a complex device – a microcomputer, with its processor, RAM, ROM, circuits, I / O system, etc. 

If the chips on the control board burn out, data recovery is possible only after replacement. Our data recovery engineer copied the controller’s unique firmware for this disk to the donor HDC. Without transferring it, the hard disk could not undergo initialization and load adaptive from the surface and ROM into volatile memory. 

A simple rearrangement of the board would not recover the files. Thus, the specialists matched the motor chip’s and main chip’s markings on the control board completely. When the power was applied, the hard drive spun up the motor. This indicated that power was supplied to the engine, which could gain momentum and bring the BMH to the surface.

During further diagnostics after the hard disk controller replacement, the integrity of the service modules was checked using the specialized hardware. The state of the block of magnetic read/write heads, the quality of reading the user zone, and other parameters were evaluated. The data recovery engineer could not extract the files as the hard disk’s file system was corrupted.

WD HDD ExFAT File System Recovery

The WD hard drive was formatted in the exFAT file system in the customer’s case. The exFAT FS uses 64 bits to describe file size, enabling applications that depend on large files. The file system also allows for clusters as large as 32MB, effectively enabling extensive storage devices.

WD 20NMVW Hard Drive Data Recovery

After sector-by-sector copying of data, access to the file system was obtained. This made it possible to build a map of occupied sectors by files and start the process by interrupting reading chains containing unreadable sectors.

At the end of the first reading stage, the settings were changed, and the reading process was started in reverse order. This scheme allowed our engineers to achieve the maximum result of ExFAT data recovery.

WD 20NMVW Hard Drive Data Recovery

In this case, it was possible to subtract the root directory and the overall structure of the hard disk file types. All the requested data was restored, and the client approved the results via remote file verification. His data was shipped back to him on a new hard drive.

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 or fill in the request help form to start your data recovery case today. Our highly skilled engineers will assist you in retrieving your important files in any data loss situations.

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