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With the increasing availability of digital devices, we all use some form of media storage. And of course, the most popular device is the hard drive, which is also an integral part of computers. 

One of the well-known manufacturers of hard drives is Western Digital. As one of the biggest brands in the industry, Western Digital manufactures high-quality and reliable hard drives. 

The WD HDD is a non-volatile media device that stores data on rapidly revolving magnetic disks. If you are a Western Digital hard drive user, knowing recovering options for your media in case of a failure is essential.

Regardless of a relatively large number of Western Digital developments, these devices are still susceptible to failures.

Western Digital Drive Recovery

Sometimes users need to format or delete a file when reinstalling the operating system. But at the same time, they can accidentally format or delete the wrong file. Despite this, data recovery can be performed.

The most reliable solution for recovering data from Western Digital devices is to contact a professional data recovery company. Compared to a complex and lengthy manual recovery, recovery in a specialized company is safer. During manual recovery held by a nonqualified person, 90% of all cases lead to overwriting of the essential data.

How We Recovered Data from WD Blue

The most common WD drive failure scenario is a malfunction of the magnetic head unit. We recently received a WD Blue 2.5′ external hard drive, which glitched and made an unusual noise. 

WD Blue HDD Recovery

The electronics board was failing to operate normally, which led to the hard drive’s spindle rotating, but the heads were still parked, and the hard drive was not seen in the BIOS. 

Even if the hard drive does not work correctly, the disk can be detected in the BIOS and display data. 

The difference of the customer’s case from a bad block situation was that the surface on such a disk is not readable by entire areas from hundreds of megabytes and not by single sectors.

A hard drive with problems with the electronics board can behave differently. It can start to spin up but not be detected in the BIOS, or it may not start at all. Knocks can be heard in the containment area of the magnetic head unit. Checking and diagnosing the hard disk controller includes a visual inspection of the electronics board, checking the interface connector and elements on the HDD board itself.

To recover all the data from the customer’s storage device, our engineers had to open the hard drive in the Class 10 ISO Certified Cleanrooms. Malfunction of magnetic heads block is often solved by replacing it with a functioning block taken from the donor hard drive. Our data recovery experts removed the magnetic heads from a new and completely the same drive and set them in the place of failed ones.  

Actions After Block Of Magnetic Heads Replacement

The specialists carried out the settlement procedure of the heads and, as a result, gained access to the service firmware of the disk. 

The contents of the hard drive were read using the data extractor tool, selecting the optimal mode. A disc with non-native heads requires a unique approach and special tools for reading. It is ensured by the professional use of cutting-edge technologies and hardware complexes.

Unfortunately, this stage of work can take an unpredictably long time. In such cases, engineers, as well as customers, should be patient.

Data recovery from WD hard drives has its own features. Western Digital is a well-known brand that differs from other hard drives in slightly different effectiveness and working firmware.

In such a complex matter as data recovery, there are always difficulties.

WD Blue Data Recovery

Many users often do not have the necessary experience to recover essential files successfully, so it is recommended not to experiment on your device but to trust experienced professionals. Our customer service can consult you about any data recovery procedure; all you should do is contact us at (888) 611-0737.

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