Hard Drive RecoveryToshiba Hard Drive for Desktop Data Recovery

A power failure is one of the most common and unexpected reasons for hard disk drive failure. A hard drive is a complicated device, and when a power surge occurs, various types of loss may appear: the spindle motor, head unit, firmware, or electronics board malfunction. 

When a collapse occurs, a hard drive may behave differently. Some drives will stop working with extraneous sounds, and the others, on the contrary, may fail without any signs. In any of these cases, the PC will not work or slow down, giving an error when opening files. However, even if the data stored on the drive is inaccessible, its recovery is still possible. 

Call PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 for professional data recovery solutions in any data loss scenario. Our engineers have years of experience working on various hard drive brands and models and are able to help with any failure type. 

Toshiba Hard Drive Data Failure

Recently, our company received an internal Toshiba hard drive for an expedited evaluation. The client was trying to transfer his report files to the drive, but a power surge damaged his PC, simultaneously affecting the hard drive inside of it.

Toshiba Drive Data Recovery

The customer heard a knocking sound when turning on his computer, so he stopped working with the drive and contacted our customer service team. He shipped the drive to us right after consulting with our representative. 

After receiving the device at our lab, we started an evaluation immediately. As the client complained, the drive was not seen in the computer’s BIOS. Therefore, our technicians could not run any diagnostics. 

Our specialists decided to unsolder the hard disk drive in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. The data recovery specialist noticed that the drive’s motor was not rotating the magnetic platters.

HDD Spindle Motor Data Recovery

The spindle motor is the most crucial component of a hard drive, responsible for the rotation of the drive platters on the axis. Power surges or an unintentional disk drop can harm the motor, making the hard drive unusable and losing access to its data. Only a professional data recovery company can assist in these situations.

In the client’s case, damaged hydraulic ball bearings prevented the spindle motor from functioning. Transferring the magnetic platter to a new, identical hard disk model proved to be the most effective data recovery strategy for motor failures.

The platters could be transferred to a new drive by our professionals without causing any damage. The magnetic disks had to be precisely aligned, and data reading and writing had to occur synchronously along their surface. Once the platter was positioned correctly, our experts began extracting all files. 

Toshiba Hard Disk Drive Bad Sectors Restoration

After carefully examining all the information, our specialist discovered that the drive had faulty sectors in the service region. Bad sectors on the hard disk damage the file system and prevent the operating system from incorrectly identifying or determining particular partitions.

Lack of access to the disk is caused by signature corruption, bootloader code corruption, partition table content destruction, or inaccurate identification of logical partition boundaries. 

Physically damaged bad sectors cannot be repaired. However, logically damaged bad sectors can, and the data may be fully recovered.

Our specialist successfully repaired all corrupt sectors, and all files were transferred to a new hard drive. 

Toshiba Hard Drive Data Recovery

The client examined the data recovery results via a remote file verification session. After receiving approval, we sent him all the restored data.

By considering even the most minor details of each unique situation for our customers, we maintain a 99% success rate. We recover data from various media storage thanks to our many years of business experience and highly qualified engineers.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineers do not damage any delicate data storage components by working only in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. The key to effective data recovery in our company is the experienced professionals working in a laboratory equipped with the necessary specialized equipment. Start your case by calling PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 or by filling out this form

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