PITS Global Data Recovery Services performs Western Digital hard drive repair and offers the highest success rates. Our technicians have worked for years with various hard drive brands, including WD, and know how to deal with any type of failure. We also provide other services, such as hard drive data recovery, RAID repair, etc.

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Our company understands that failure is a critical situation that can happen anywhere. To provide our customers with top-level repair services wherever they are, we expand our network of facilities. To date, PITS Global Data Recovery Services locates drop-off points and offices all over the United States and has more than 50 locations throughout the country.

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Western Digital Hard Drive Repair

Western Digital is a trustable and reliable hard drives manufacturer. Hard disk drives, solid-state drives, external storages of Western Digital are widespread and used by people all over the world. Computer users and businesses of all sizes entrust all their valuable data to these data storage devices.


However, no matter how durable and reliable the WD hard drive is, failure is always a possibility. Hard drive malfunction can happen for different reasons, but whether the malfunction occurred with the internal or external drive, our specialists know how to deal with it. 

Over the years, our engineers have accumulated in-depth knowledge of the Western Digital drives, system area, file system, and firmware from hundreds of various models.

Western Digital Internal Hard Drive Repair

Hard drives process all the information on your laptop or desktop computer. Western Digital HDDs and SSDs provide users with high speed, excellent capacity, and exceptional work. However, regardless of many advantages, malfunction can happen at any time.

The reasons for hard drive failure are categorized into three types: logical, physical, and mechanical. All three collapses cause severe damage to the hard drive, leading to complete data loss.


Our skilled engineers have experience working with various internal hard drives and achieve incredible results. We understand that these devices contain essential data, so the repair has to be performed accurately. Our team handles these devices in Class 10 ISO Certified Cleanroom to protect them from dust, dirt, and humidity. 

We provide professional WD hard drive repair in specialized facilities, using state-of-the-art tools, and successfully return the device to its original condition.

Western Digital External Hard Drive Repair

WD external hard drives are used as additional storage when the initial hard drive is not enough. Users store all the data on these devices and rely on these drives. Still, due to various reasons, all the essential files can become inaccessible. 

There are various signs of an external hard drive failure that mean serious problems. 

Missing Folders and Files

Clicking Noises

Overall Slow Performance

Drive is not Recognized

Drive Does not Boot

Frequent Error Messages

If you note any of these signs from your WD external hard drive, unplug the device and do not try repairing it yourself. There are many repair tutorials and drive recovery software on the Internet, but they will not help with such a critical situation. Hence, not to worsen the case, it is essential to contact a professional data recovery company at the earliest opportunity.


PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides superior services for users with complete data loss and WD external hard drive failure. Our team works with WD My Passport, WD Elements, WD My Book, and other storage devices. We treat each case individually and perform a top-level repair process. 

The Western Digital Repair Process

The process for your data recovery begins with our “Request Help” form or, after calling (888) 611-0737 and speaking with one of our customer service experts. Our support team representative will go through a series of questions about your case. After estimating your case, you will send the device to one of our recovery labs, where we will continue the process.

As soon as your Western Digital data storage device is received, it is quickly sent into the laboratory for evaluation. During the assessment, a copy of your media is made. Our team always makes sure that the original data is never compromised in any way.


Once our evaluation is complete, our customer service will contact you to discuss the evaluation results and the recovery option suited for your requirements.

And then, we start working on your device in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, using all the latest tools and, if necessary, donor drives.

To begin the process for your WD hard drive, submit a “Request Help” form or call at (888) 611-0737.