PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides businesses and individuals of the United States with reliable data restoring solutions in Dell Server failure emergencies. Our team of recovery specialists has experience with the most complicated storage devices. 

By providing a vast range of facilities and 24/7/365 available locations all over the country, we want to ensure that we will help you anywhere and anytime your device fails. Our company works with all types of files and operating systems to provide the highest quality data recovery of the industry.

Our Data Recovery Engineers also Perform:

Data loss is a severe event, and its solution requires high skills, attention to detail, and a high level of accuracy. Our data recovery team has all these qualifications, which guarantees a successful result of your recovery. Contact us by calling at (888) 611 0737 to get additional information, and our support team representative will gladly provide you with it. 

Dell Server Failure and Recovery

Organizations nowadays rely on data storage devices to keep all their essential confidential business files. Hence, when media storage collapses, it takes on a larger scale. For these reasons, firms are always looking for a reliable and durable device with high data protection. Dell Compellent and Dell EMC storage centers are the results for all of the searches. 

Dell Server has a lot of advantages, which attracts businesses and individuals: it stores virtualized data centers, provides system-wide data backups, and successfully hosts databases.
Moreover, servers can manage data on a detailed level as well as in the big picture. 

RAID 10 Data Recovery

However, no matter how many benefits Dell production has, these systems can fail either logically or physically, resulting in costly downtime for an enterprise. 

Backing Up Data From Dell Can Protect Against Data Loss From:
  • Virus Attack and Malware
  • Power Surge Failure
  • Operating System Malfunction
  • Software Collapse
  • Accidental File Deletion 
  • Failed RAID Array Rebuild
  • Multiple Failed Hard Drives
  • Server Hardware Failure
  • Reconfigured Arrays

Often, Dell customers do not see server failure coming. Of course, there may be different crash warning signals, but it is tough to notice them. To make this complex situation more manageable for our clients, we provide a technical evaluation with fast shipping


After the risk-free review, our technicians will estimate the reason for the collapse and the situation’s seriousness. Later, our customer service will provide you with case’s detailed information with a price quote and timing turnaround.

We offer our clients different service options to meet their wants, deadlines, and capital range.

Our Service Options

Every client has various requirements according to their data recovery case. We do our best to extend our service options and meet any of their needs. By expanding their choices, we want to be sure that we can help our clients with all data loss situations. 

Our Data Recovery Options include:

Economy Service

Standard Service

Priority Service

Emergency Service

Apart from providing in-lab data recovery services, we also offer our clients different solutions. Sometimes the condition does not allow you to bring your device to our lab or requires urgent action. In this state, we can help you with our onsite or remote secure data recovery.

Steps for Successful Dell Server Repair

There are specific measures that have to be followed when your Dell device fails. If the server collapses, do not attempt to reinitialize or rebuild the array. Do not try to recover data using software or disk tools. It will overwrite the data and make it ultimately lost.

It is better to power down the machine and to try finding out failure symptoms. After noting any LCD, BIOS errors, or mechanical malfunction indications, call PITS Global Data Recovery Services immediately. By contacting us, you will get comprehensive support for Dell RAID data recovery, Dell computer repair, and RAID reconstruction

We Provide Dell Data Recovery for:

  • Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers
  • PowerEdge Rack Servers
  • Dell Storage FS Series
  • EqualLogic PS Series
  • PowerEdge FX Series Modular Infrastructure
  • Dell PowerVault Structure
  • Dell Storage MD Series

With over 50 drop-off points, officesand data recovery labs in the United States, we provide our clients with easy access to world-class service. Our company expands facilities to be able to help our clients everywhere they are. 

Contact us by filling in all detailed information about your case in a request help form on our website, and our dedicated support team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.