As a reliable and secure company, PITS Global Data Recovery Services develops its solutions for every failure scenario. By providing remote data recovery, we can help our clients all over the United States with their emergencies. 

Today, there are many storage media options to choose from portable flash drives, durable HDD/SSD, RAID arrays, and NAS servers. Sadly, none of them promises an infinite lifetime. Fortunately, with PITS Global Data Recovery Services, you can retrieve lost information from defective media without having to leave the house in case of a device’s failure.

Data Recovery Services We Provide: 

We have thousands of successfully remotely resolved data loss problems on our account. Every case is confirmed by lots of positive feedback from our clients and the flawless reputation we have earned over years of experience in the data recovery field. 

Advantages of our Remote Data Recovery Option

Our superior remote recovery technique, created by our professional developing team, saves irreplaceable data from business-ending disasters. With our advanced distant service and state-of-the-art data recovery software, we will help you with your critical situation in a short time period. 

This type of data recovery has become more popular nowadays because of its advantages. The idea of this function is to get your failed device fixed without having to go anywhere.

Main Advantages of Remote Option:

No Shipping Needed

Minimize your system downtime and receive the same high-quality service of an in-lab recovery procedure — without the need to ship your drive. Data recovery over the network only requires a strong internet connection and an operational storage device.

Complex Cases

Most cases of data loss that affect SAN, NAS, and RAID systems are caused by software faults or human errors, such as accidentally formatted drives, corrupted files, and configuration flaws. We successfully recover data from all these scenarios and more.

Privacy and Security

Communication through our advanced software is highly secure and is based on encrypted data packages. Your data remains on the local computer without being transferred across the network. The security and privacy of our customer's information is our priority.

Remote data recovery is as efficient as an in-lab recovery service, and all you have to do is accept help from your home. Of course, some rules must be observed as, with them being accurate, we achieve successful data recovery.

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Requirements for Remote Data Recovery 

Working Hardware

Logical failures perfectly suit this option; the problem occurs when there is physical damage. In this case, the drive needs to go into a recovery lab so engineers can use special tools to repair the device. Apart from that, we offer onsite data recovery when our data recovery engineers come to your location.

Assist in Process

Another requirement is the need for available workers to work with a remote data recovery specialist. If the data loss circumstances are too hectic and confused, sending the drive into a reliable data recovery lab might be better for maximum data recovery results.

Stable Internet Connection

Remote service needs a stable connection, which can be a difficulty in a high-security environment. Many businesses have strict proxy-server or firewall policies and may not be able to connect with external systems. So for successful remote data recovery, steady internet is a necessity.

Enough Storage Capacity

Working with massive amounts of data can also be a dilemma. Remote recovery can recover vast volumes of data. However, sometimes the customer doesn't have the space available for the recovered data on his storage system, so we need another solution.

Since it’s a relatively new technology, many users feel that remote recovery is too good to be accurate and don’t believe that it can deliver on the promises it makes. But PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ success cases show that remote data recovery is an option that every data-loss sufferer should consider.

How Remote Data Recovery Works

Our data recovery company offers clients different options when receiving a media storage failure case that needs an optimal solution. Our customers select what is best, and we start working on their devices. 

Data Loss Scenarios that are Fitted for Remote Recovery:

  • Human Error
  • Corrupted Database
  • Deleted LUN
  • Partition Corruption
  • Corrupted Virtual Machine
  • Missing Data
  • Partial Overwrite
  • File System Corruption

First, data recovery engineers will perform a remote evaluation to estimate the device’s condition. When the distant analysis is complete, you receive a list of the recoverable files to assess their quality and fullness. As device failures occur without warning, the evaluation phase is essential. In many cases, there is only a single chance to restore the data from the device. 

When a customer is informed about the device’s condition, cause of failure, and price quote, we wait for his approval. After we receive it, our remote engineers start the recovery process. By working quickly and efficiently, our technicians get the repair done in less than 24 hours. After the process is completed, you immediately access restored files and can continue working.

By offering a comprehensive set of emergency recovery solutions, our company wants to be sure that we can meet any of your deadlines, needs, and budget. With PITS Global Data Recovery Services, lost data and the failed device is not a problem anymore.

Contact us via a request form or by calling our customer service line. Our support team representative will gladly help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote data recovery is a process of recovering data from damaged or inaccessible disk drives or other storage media using remote access technology, without the need for physical access to the disk drives or storage media.

Remote data recovery works by allowing a data recovery specialist to access damaged disk drives or storage media through a secure remote connection. The specialist can then analyze the disk drives, recover the data, and transfer the recovered data back to the client over the internet.

Remote data recovery is generally safe and secure as long as the remote data recovery service uses encryption technology to secure the data transfer and the remote connection.

Remote data recovery services can recover data from a wide range of storage media, including hard disk drives, solid-state drives, RAID arrays, tapes, and more.

The cost of remote data recovery depends on the type of storage media, the cause of the data loss, and the complexity of the recovery process. Remote data recovery services typically offer a range of pricing options to fit different budgets.

The time required for remote data recovery depends on the extent of the data loss and the complexity of the recovery process. On average, remote data recovery can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

No, remote data recovery requires remote access to the damaged disk drives or storage media, and cannot be performed on-site.

If you need to recover data using remote data recovery services, you should choose a reputable and experienced remote data recovery service, provide the necessary information about your storage media and data loss, and follow the instructions provided by the service for remote data recovery.

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