As a trusted provider of data recovery services, we understand the importance of your Drobo data. Whether it’s for personal use or critical business operations, losing data can be a stressful and disruptive experience.

Our team of experienced data recovery experts specializes in Drobo data recovery and has a proven track record of successful recoveries. We have the necessary tools and expertise to recover data from any type of Drobo device, including the Drobo 5N, 5D, 8D, and many others.

Our data recovery process is designed to minimize data loss and ensure a quick turnaround time. We begin by diagnosing the issue and determining the cause of data loss. Our team then develops a customized plan to recover your data, which includes using advanced techniques and tools to extract data from your Drobo device.

This article will cover how our specialists approach data recovery cases for Drobo NAS devices, how the devices fail, and what to do in these situations. Our data recovery specialists understand that each brand and type of memory storage requires an individual approach. 

They can recover data from any Drobo NAS models, including:

  •  5C
  •  5D3 Gold & Platinum Editions
  •  8D
  •  B810n
  • 5N2 Gold & Platinum Editions
  •  B810i

Why Go with Drobo NAS

Drobo NAS devices are one of the leading ones in the industry. They are regularly included in annual “Best of” lists for major tech websites/magazines. The company has spent years developing NAS devices that became intuitively simple but still incredibly powerful.

Drobo storage devices can come with a series of multi-disk setups sporting multiple drive bays. They also have the best features of using a NAS, including secure cloud data access and VPN access!

Drobo apps are also very intuitive. They include easy Macbook integration. We recommend updating the device regularly with passwords changed for security. Taking these steps, Drobo NAS devices, especially the 5N2 model, can be very comfortable in usage.

Drobo NAS and RAID Array Configurations

After configuring their NAS devices, many personal businesses or SMEs receive some interesting IT advice. We recommend you combine your Drobo configuration with a RAID multi-disk device. Such a move adds even greater fault tolerance to the storage device. 

As a result, your personal home network or office VPN will have a centralized node of all stored data while ensuring safety for multi-disk drive failure. 

Let’s assume you already have a failed drive, but the fault tolerance protocols hold strong. In this case, the protocols won’t help if you never identify it before a second drive fails.

This means that even when using such a sophisticated Drobo NAS device with a RAID 5, 6, 10, 50, or Z configuration, you should run regular maintenance checks to guarantee your device’s health and continued data security!

Data redundancy and mirroring are the only effective fault tolerance protectors to ensure business continuity after a Drobo system failure. 

Drobo NAS Recovery

Unfortunately, there are situations when even regular maintenance and good upkeep are not enough. Sometimes devices malfunction, so we want to make sure our customers know a couple of common data loss scenarios to look out for and avoid them with your storage device. 

Firstly, you should be careful with power surges and outages – always use a power strip with surge protection.

Also, some NAS devices have internal backup batteries that shut on when the power shuts off. You can look for that as a data loss prevention tactic, too.

Additionally, the common causes listed below can also harm data writing processes in your Drobo NAS device:
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Overheating due to cramped space
  • Firmware damage
  • File system corruption from malware
hard disk drive recovery

If you notice any odd lagging or glitches with your NAS, power it down and examine the storage device for errors. This step will minimize damage to your device. 

Drobo RAID Recovery Service

If your Drobo NAS device experiences any of the malfunctions above, call us right after powering the device off. Our data technicians are industry-certified experts working in Certified ISO Class 10 cleanrooms. Our data recovery engineers evaluate, diagnose, and fix the problem that caused such severe data loss in this controlled environment.

What Our Clients Say About Our Service:

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Commonly we get NAS devices that experienced multi-drive failure. These scenarios most often occur after poor maintenance of the initial single-disk malfunction. To fix these NAS disk drives, our engineers have access to every array of replacement pieces they need – from platters to heads and flash memory transistor gates. 

In addition, we recover data from Drobo RAID arrays due to NAS controller failures with a 99% success rate.

Risk-Free Evaluation and Emergency Services

We offer emergency evaluation and premium 24-48 hours delivery for time-sensitive documents. Also, we provide our customers with remote and in-lab data recovery services. 

So, leaving our facility, you will know for sure what caused the malfunction and get several options to pursue data recovery. After the evaluation we inform our customers about the pricing and how long it will take to recover lost data.  

Contact us today to find out more using request help form or calling our customer service line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drobo data recovery services refer to professional services designed to recover data from Drobo storage systems. Drobo is a brand of storage devices known for their data redundancy and protection features. Drobo data recovery services specialize in retrieving lost, corrupted, or inaccessible data from Drobo devices due to hardware failures, accidental deletion, formatting errors, or other data loss situations.

You should consider using Drobo data recovery services when you experience data loss or are unable to access your data on a Drobo storage system. This can occur due to various reasons, such as accidental file deletion, disk failure, software corruption, or issues with the Drobo device itself.

Drobo data recovery services typically cover a wide range of Drobo storage systems, including but not limited to Drobo 5N, Drobo 5D, Drobo 8D, Drobo B800i, Drobo B810i, and other models. These services can handle data recovery from both consumer and enterprise-grade Drobo devices.

Data recovery from Drobo storage systems can be a complex process and requires specialized knowledge, tools, and expertise. It is not recommended to attempt data recovery on your own unless you have the necessary technical skills and experience. Mishandling the recovery process can lead to further data loss or damage to the storage system. It is best to seek professional Drobo data recovery services.

The time required for Drobo data recovery depends on several factors, including the complexity of the data loss scenario, the extent of damage to the drives, the size of the storage system, and the specific recovery techniques needed. Simple recoveries may be completed within a few days, while complex cases or severe drive damage may take longer. The data recovery service provider should provide an estimated timeframe based on the specific situation.

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