Being a certified data rescue company, PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides high-level file restoration from failed Monolith devices. All our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge labs, state-of-the-art software, and certified cleanrooms. Our engineers perform data restoration procedures on various devices.

Our Recovery Services:

PITS Global Data Recovery Services enlarges the number of its offices, making our recovery procedures more available. Visit the locations page to get detailed information about every office across the US.

What is Monolith Drive? 

Monolith drives have technological and visual differences from typical USB flash drives – the controller, memory, and USB connector are a kind of monolith. It is a memory card made in a single compound block, in which all circuit boards are located inside this infrastructure. Its interconnection is carried out strictly through the specified paths. Access to electronic components is not directly possible.

The failure of such memory cards is common. Recovering data from a monolith flash is more complex than from a typical flash drive.

Monolith Drive Data Recovery 

Recovering data from monoliths is very problematic. The controller usually either burns out on monolith flash drives or the memory cells partially wear out. In case of any malfunction, it is required to access the memory directly.

Recovery of a monolithic flash drive may be required if the following factors have occurred:
  • Overheating
  • Power Outage
  • Incorrect Extraction
  • Mechanical Damage 
  • Physical Wear
  • Controller Failure

Monolith Data Recovery: Behind the Scenes of Our Data Recovery Process

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides flexible data restoration solutions for monolith flash drives, SD cards, etc.

Data recovery from a flash drive in our company is carried out by unsoldering the chip and then reading it on a NAND-supporting program. Then we perform further assemble the contents. It is called an assembly because the data is not explicitly in one block. 

There are a lot of controllers, and their firmware algorithms, are different. Our specialists analyze the data using software and collect the pieces of lost information. 

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Why Choose Our Recovery Services?

With years in the data recovery industry, PITS Global Data Recovery Services has encountered countless cases of data restoration of various complexity. Our dedicated engineers, state-of-art laboratories, and specialized software help our services maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Advantages of Our Services:

24/7 Emergency Service Availability

So if you're facing a data loss situation, don't hesitate to contact us. Our 24/7 data recovery services are available to you, 365 days a year. Let us help you recover your precious data today.

Over 50 Locations Across the US

We offer data recovery services from over 50 locations across the US. This means that no matter where you are located, you can access our services and get the support you need to recover the data.

Certified Data Recovery Laboratories

So if you're facing a data loss situation, look no further. With our certified data recovery labs and 99% success rate, we are confident that we can recover your precious data and get you back on track.

ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom

Our engineers work in a controlled environment to ensure the safety of your device. We recover data in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom and achieve high results.

Risk-free Evaluation and Assessment

We start the recovery process with a risk-free evaluation. Our technicians estimate reasons for data loss and the level of damage. Based on it, we select the most suitable recovery strategy.

100% Customer Satisfaction Rate

With years in the data recovery industry, our company supports the highest customer satisfaction rate. We do everything to provide a positive experience for our clients.

One of the main specialties that a data recovery company should have is relevant certifications and verification. The certificate shows that the company’s good quality management system has met high standards.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is constantly improving its data restoration procedures, and our engineers take regular qualification courses. These help us to support a 99% success rate.

Our team of engineers always starts the safe recovery process with an evaluation. With our technical inspection, we estimate what caused a failure and how damaged the files are. Based on this evaluation, we provide customers with approximate timing turnaround and price quotes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Monolith drive Data Recovery refers to the process of recovering data from a damaged or failed Monolith hard drive.

Monolith drive Data Recovery may be necessary in cases of hardware failure, accidental deletion, virus attacks, or other data loss scenarios.

Attempting to perform Monolith drive Data Recovery yourself can result in further damage to the drive and increase the risk of permanent data loss. It is recommended to seek professional assistance.

The cost of Monolith drive Data Recovery may be affected by factors such as the extent of data loss, the complexity of the recovery process, and the type of Monolith drive involved.

The duration of Monolith drive Data Recovery may vary, but it can range from a few days to several weeks depending on the complexity of the data loss situation.

Yes, PITS Global Data Recovery Services takes measures to ensure the security and privacy of customer data during the recovery process, such as using secure data transfer methods and adhering to strict confidentiality policies.