PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides businesses and individuals who face water-damaged hard drive corruption with professional repair and file retrieval solutions. Thousands of personal computer users lose data each year due to natural disasters, including flooding. HDDs are delicate devices, and exposure to even a slight amount of water can cause a lot of trouble, including platter damage and circuit board failure. 

We Also Recover Data from Water-damaged Devices:

Liquid can cause permanent damage to a hard drive’s electronic and physical components, so it is essential to act fast when it happens. We extend data recovery locations throughout the country to help our clients anytime, anywhere their device fails. To date, our company has more than 50 drop-off points and offices, which are ready to help and provide you with swift data recovery services.

Data Recovery Water Damaged Hard Drive

A hard drive failure is a complicated event, primarily when the collapse occurs due to water damage. In these kinds of malfunction, data loss is not rare and causes a lot of trouble to the user. So when the failure occurs, you can increase chances for successful recovery of lost files by entrusting your device to professionals.

Hard drive data restoration requires specialized technologies and state-of-the-art facilities. Flood-damaged drives are susceptible to environmental exposure and corrosion, so data recovery specialists need to pay extreme attention treating these storage media. 


PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineers have decades of experience retrieving files from water-damaged devices. We receive thousands of flooded hard drives each year and offer higher success rates regardless of damage level. 

Contact us now if you have questions about our data recovery from flood-damaged hard drives, solid-state drives, or RAID arrays, and we will gladly provide you with all the required information.

Professional Hard Drive Recovery from Water Damage

When exposed to liquids, hard drives quickly corrode and decay, so you should immediately seek assistance if you want to retrieve most of your files. 

Also, there are several steps you should go through when facing failure from water damage.
  • Do not attempt to clean failed hard drive with any cleaning liquids or abrasive materials. 
  • Booting a flooded hard drive or using data recovery software can worsen the situation. 
  • Remove memory chips, a battery from the failed device and let it dry. 
  • Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services for reliable and secure assistance. 

By calling us, you will get an individual approach and superior recovery process for your case.

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First, our specialists carefully clean damaged hard drive components, removing dust, dirt, and other contaminants that provoke corrosion. Then, we provide our clients with a detailed evaluation report, including a turnaround times estimate and price quote.

After discussing service options and receiving clients’ approval, our technicians start the recovery. We treat damaged hard drives in the ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom with perfect repair and data recovery resources. By working with hard drives in our certified cleanroom, engineers do not put a fragile device at risk and obtain high recovery rates. 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers flexible options to meet any of your needs, deadlines, and budgets. We also consider cases when our clients need the fastest possible turnaround and offer our 24/7/365 available emergency data recovery service. Get more information about our emergency services by calling our customer service line.

Certified Hard Drive Water Damage Recovery

We understand how data security is essential for clients who face storage device failure. We use appropriate methods for collecting customers’ information. Thus, our clients can rest assured that all of their retrieved data is safe with us.

Our company also offers clients a risk-free evaluation option for flooded hard drives to make this critical situation more manageable. 

As soon as you notice any problems with your hard drive, send it to one of our data recovery labs. 

Here, we will examine your device, find the reason for failure and provide you with the most suitable recovery solutions.

WD Hard Drive Data Repair

Data loss from a flooded hard drive can be complicated and stressful, but with our services around, you can be sure that your important information will be successfully retrieved. Fill out a request help form with the detailed information about your case, or call our customer service line, and we will be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is often possible to recover data from a water damaged hard drive. However, the success of the recovery depends on the severity of the damage, the duration of exposure to water, and the actions taken immediately after the damage.

Do not attempt to power on or continue using a wet hard drive. Don’t try to dry it using a hairdryer or put it in rice, as these methods can cause further damage.

Professionals use specialized tools and techniques to open the hard drive in a cleanroom environment, dry and clean the components, repair or replace damaged parts, and then attempt to recover the data using powerful software.

The time required to recover data from a water damaged hard drive can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of data to be recovered. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Water can potentially cause severe damage to a hard drive. When water comes into contact with the internal components of a hard drive, it can lead to corrosion, electrical shorts, and mechanical failures. The extent of the damage depends on various factors, including the duration of exposure, the type of water (clean water, saltwater, etc.), and the specific hard drive model. In most cases, it is best to consider a hard drive that has come into contact with water as compromised and seek professional data recovery services to retrieve the data.

While there have been instances where hard drives have survived water exposure, it is not guaranteed, and the chances of survival depend on several factors. If the water exposure is minimal and the hard drive is powered off immediately, there may be a possibility of successful data recovery. However, it is important to note that hard drives are not designed to be waterproof, and even a small amount of water can potentially damage the delicate components within the drive. It is recommended to treat a water-exposed hard drive as compromised and consult professional data recovery services for evaluation and recovery options.

If your hard drive comes into contact with water, it is crucial to follow these steps:

a. Power off the hard drive: Immediately disconnect the power source and avoid any attempts to power on the hard drive. This will help prevent further damage caused by electrical shorts.

b. Dry the hard drive: Gently pat dry the external casing of the hard drive using a soft, absorbent cloth. Avoid using heat sources or hairdryers, as excessive heat can cause additional damage.

c. Do not open the hard drive: Opening the hard drive casing is not recommended, as it exposes the internal components to further risks and can void any warranty that may be in place.

d. Seek professional data recovery services: Contact a reputable data recovery service provider experienced in handling water-damaged hard drives. They will have the necessary expertise, tools, and cleanroom facilities to properly evaluate and recover data from water-damaged hard drives.

Remember, time is of the essence when dealing with water-damaged hard drives, so it is important to seek professional assistance promptly.

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