PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides high-quality external hard drive repair services to both businesses and individual computer users throughout the United States. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in troubleshooting external, hard disk, and solid-state drives and can effectively address any type of failure.

We can provide full recovery services for data stored on any type of media, including HDDs and SSDs from all major brands. From hardware issues to logical damage, we have the experience and technical expertise to recover your lost files quickly and safely.

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Our company provides superior solutions for various data storage devices and is proud to support the highest success rates. We work with media storage in specialized facilities and use cutting-edge technologiesWhatever malfunction situation you are dealing with, we will smoothly restore lost files and repair the device.

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External Hard Drive Repair Near Me

A failure of an external hard drive is a critical event, which can happen anywhere, anytime. Our company understands the importance of time in an external hard drive failure and offers minimal turnaround times for reasonable pricing. 

We constantly extend our vast network of facilities to help clients at the earliest opportunity. At present, our data recovery company has more than 50 drop-offs and offices throughout the United States, and our goal is to raise the number.

In addition, we continually develop recovery techniques to achieve the maximum results as quickly as possible and be able to restore lost data from all devices, file types, and operating systems. Furthermore, our team offers 24/7/365 emergency services to save customers time and repair the device in the range of 8-48 hours. 

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Fix External Hard Drive – External Drive Repair

A hard drive failure is an unpredictable situation, and collapse frequently causes many problems to the user. When a malfunction occurs, the external hard drive stops functioning, becomes unrecognizable, and all files become inaccessible. To get business and personal data, people need a hard drive to start working again, so there is a need for a top-level repair. 

Warning Signs that Indicate that You Should Repair External Hard Drive:

Strange Noises

Hearing strange clicking, whirring, or grinding sounds means your drive is often a sign for a read/write head crash. It can also indicate motor failure, which is often the symptom of severe data loss. So if you hear weird noises, it is essential to act very fast.

Missing Folders and Files

Detecting that files stored on your hard drives are missing and inaccessible does not mean anything good. Disappearing data is a bad sign for your external hard drive and is the prominent symptom that your device needs to be reviewed by professionals.

Unrecognized Device

If your laptop or desktop computer no longer recognizes your device, there are high chances of a problem with the drive. You can also test it on any other computer to see if your hard drive is detected. If not, then you are facing a failure.

Computer Crashes

A blue screen of death (BSoD) or sudden reboot may indicate a problem with your drive. Often computer user thinks that the problem is in the desktop or laptop, but it is not often the case, and usually, it is an external hard drive collapse.

External hard drive failure and complete data loss are complex, and repairing the device requires experts to perform it. PITS Global Data Recovery Services specialists regularly attend qualification courses and obtain certificates. This way, we ensure our clients that we can work with any hard drive brand, model, and file system.

Collapse causes severe consequences, so to avoid all the issues, it is necessary to know what to do when facing common malfunction signs.

What to Do When External Hard Drive Fails

To save the device from subsequent damage, you should understand what to do next. You should go through several steps to retrieve your device and most of the lost important data. 

  • When you see any collapse signs from your drive, such as weird sounds, slow performance, and overall strange performance, it is highly recommended to power down the device. After the malfunction, using the drive will damage your drive and corrupt files.
  • Many users assume replacing broken pieces or removing them will fix the drive and make it work again. Yet, it does not help, as every failed device needs an individual approach. So, do not open the external hard drive and do not try to solve the problem yourself.
  • When a hard drive collapses, all the files stored on the device are the first thing to think about. Thus, people find free data recovery software to retrieve all lost data without wasting money, time, and other resources. However, these programs do not guarantee successful results and can overwrite all your data.
  • Contact a skilled data recovery company. PITS Global Data Recovery Services achieve outstanding results by working with failed devices in specialized facilities, including ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, and recovering data using the latest tools.
WD External Drive Data Repair

We work with mechanically, physically damaged, and corrupted external hard drives. Our team has thousands of successful drive recovery and repair cases and is ready to help you with your device.

Advantages of External Choosing Our Hard Drive Repair Services

When it comes to external hard drives, PITS stands out as the ideal choice for addressing any issues or problems you may encounter. Our repair services offer a range of advantages that ensure your external hard drive is handled with expertise and care.

PITS has a team of highly skilled technicians with extensive experience in dealing with external hard drive repairs. They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and fix various issues, ranging from physical damage to logical failures. With their proficiency, you can trust that your external hard drive is in capable hands.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services:

We offer a comprehensive range of repair solutions for external hard drives. Whether your drive is not recognized by your computer, experiencing power supply failure, suffering from bad sectors, or any other issue, we have the tools and techniques to address them effectively. Our technicians employ advanced methods to ensure a high success rate in recovering files and fixing a corrupted external drive.

Losing data stored on an external hard drive can be devastating. PITS Repair Services understands the importance of your data and employs cutting-edge data recovery techniques to retrieve lost or inaccessible information. We utilize specialized equipment and software to handle complex data recovery scenarios, providing you with the best chance of recovering your valuable files.

PITS offers a range of advantages for repairing external hard drives. With our expertise, comprehensive solutions, and data recovery capabilities, you can trust us to handle your external hard drive repairs with utmost professionalism and care. To get our expert review, all you have to do is call our customer service line or fill in a “Request Help” below.

Frequently Asked Questions

External hard drives can face several issues such as hardware failures, accidental deletion of files, formatting errors, corruption of file system, and virus attacks that may require repair.

Start by checking your cables and your USB ports. If your Seagate drive is still not recognized, try using a different computer. If these steps don’t work, there could be a more serious issue, and you may need to consider professional repair or data recovery services.

First, ensure the WD drive is properly connected to your computer and powered on. If it’s still not recognized, you can try updating the device drivers, changing the drive letter, or checking disk management to see if the drive is detected there. If these steps fail, it may be time to seek a repair service.

Yes, in many cases, data can be recovered from a damaged external hard drive using special software or with the help of professional data recovery services. The chances of recovery depend on the extent of the damage.

External hard drives can fail due to a variety of reasons including physical damage, overheating, power surges, or even due to the age of the device. Software issues, such as virus attacks or corruption, can also lead to drive failure.

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