PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides digital forensics services in cases of intellectual property theft. Our company offers high-level services all over the United States and gets evidence from any data storage devices.

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Our company understands the importance of intellectual property for every business and individual. Hence, we do our best and provide our clients with superior services. We work with any type of device and can work with deleted, encrypted, and lost pieces of evidence.

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Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual property is the priceless resource that the business owns. IP often becomes the target of attack both from external threats like hackers and from insider sources. Insiders like the company’s workers, contractors, or any other third parties with access to confidential information present a genuine threat to the intellectual property due to its availability.

Intellectual Property theft is an unpleasant side effect of the digital age, where all the stored information can be easy to access and transfer without any difficulties. Even where a company’s IP is non-digital, such as tools or components, malicious actors may attempt to steal intellectual property and hide their trail using digital record tampering. However, an experienced and skilled digital forensics team can easily detect these incidents.

Computer forensics experts of PITS Global Data Recovery Services have years of experience in IP theft cases where they have provided the proof to detect theft and the likely guilt. Additionally, our company can offer a technical analysis of any organization’s intellectual property protection measures and improvement suggestions.

The portability and efficiency of digital information also make it ripe for stealing. However, tracing and preserving the digital path of the act can prove intent and if the IP has been accessed.

How IP Theft Occurs?

The transfer of digital Intellectual Property outside of a business is also called “data extrusion.” It usually takes many forms, but the most common is directly transferring the data to an external media, like a hard drive, memory chip, or flash drive. 

There are also other methods as:
  • Print the information and make it physical.
  • Transferring the files to a networked online cloud.
  • Sending previously encrypted files through email.

Our digital forensics investigators team consists of professionals who can successfully uncover evidence of such transfers. We will determine such details as time, place, and the account used for the data transferring even where it has been invisible or hidden. 

Data Security of Your Device

So if you suspect that within your company has been an intellectual property theft, contact us at the earliest opportunity. Getting in touch with our team as soon as possible is essential as the digital trail is not damaged by overwriting through subsequent devices or equipment.

The Technologies to Uncover IP Theft Evidence

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a high-level company that does everything to provide clients with superior services. One of the essential parts of our forensics process, which helps us maintain incredible results, is our cutting-edge technologies. We keep up with the time and regularly renew our equipment. 

In addition to this, our specialists periodically attend qualification courses and obtain certificates. Our digital forensics specialists are equipped with advanced skills to detect, gather and analyze potential proofs from a vast range of devices, including laptop and desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, fax machines, voicemail systems, and telephone systems.

Our forensic specialists have experience and skills in such advanced techniques as JTAG and chip-off information extraction. They constantly uncover information that has been intentionally hidden in usually unused space on hard drives, memory cards, or inside of files. The documents they find often lead to additional data sources, including cloud storage, remote servers, etc.

Secure Intellectual Property Evidence Collection

PITS Global Data Recovery Services thinks about its clients and provides them with secure solutions. We understand that gaining the company’s trust after the intellectual property theft is hard, but we do our best to maintain it. 

Our evidence gathering and analysis processes are accomplished following strict rules for evidence authentication, integrity, and safety chain procedures. Our teams’ training, certificates, skills, and experience ensure that all evidence collected is done securely and safely. 

Moreover, our reports are objective, straightforward, and well-organized, making them invaluable when our staff provides professional federal or district court with forensic examination testimony weeks, months, or even years later.

If you have detected or suspect intellectual property theft from your business, do not hesitate to consult with our exceptionally qualified digital forensics specialists. Contact our dedicated customer service representatives for a safe evaluation of your case or have all the answers to the questions regarding your specific situation.