PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides individuals of the United States with professional solutions for Divorce and Custody. Our specialists understand how complicated such situations can be and realize the responsibility for these services. Hence, we offer reliable pieces of evidence. 

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Our company has years of digital forensics experience and takes pride in obtaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We do everything to achieve incredible results, and for this, we regularly renew our forensics equipment. In addition, our experts regularly attend qualification courses and maintain certificates. Hence, we can guarantee our clients that we will deduct all the actual proof that is possible.

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Complicated Divorce Cases

Information has a significant impact on every person’s life. In a technological era, all the information is usually stored electronically, so it is easy to access. 

More and more often, Electronically Stored Information, also known as ESI, is used in forensic investigations such as divorce or custody of a child. The discovered proof is used to support or contradict each party’s legal claims concerning objects such as inappropriate activity and child or spouse abuse and neglect.

In such complicated cases as divorce and custody, it is essential to be very accurate and objective. The decision of these cases will determine people’s lives, so when employing a digital forensics service in such conflicts, consider their technical qualifications and case background. At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we have extensive experience in civil and criminal forensic investigations. We apply only the highest standards of skills, objectivity, professionalism, and legal protocols.

Gathering and Analysis of Actual Evidence

Divorce or child custody cases are always emotionally hard, so it is difficult to maintain an impartial view of your opponent and their behavior. However, biased relation to the issue is not professional for digital forensic examinations. However, objectivity is vital, as with any case. Evidence derived without following strict legal protocols, including integrity, evidence authenticity, and chain-of-custody, is useless.

Our digital forensics team is qualified in all aspects of evidence management, preservation, and impartial analysis to ensure that the court accepts any evidence. They back up their findings, as required, with professional testimony in depositions or court proceedings. 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ digital forensics experts frequently work closely with attorneys in criminal and civil matters. We understand the legal and ethical complications involved in uncovering case-pertinent information. 

Moreover, our digital forensics experts obtain all the knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies and advanced methods to discover information in all types of devices and storage media, even when it has been intentionally hidden, decrypted, or tampered with. This makes PITS Global Data Recovery Services specialists valuable members of your legal team.

Protecting Your Confidentiality

Divorce and child custody cases are some of the most stressful and complicated experiences anyone can have. Sometimes, the contributors are pushed to take inappropriate or illegal actions out of spite or fear. Usually, they try hacking, manipulation, or tampering with their opponent’s mobile or computer devices to turn the case on their side.

These actions are completely inappropriate and can ruin the whole process of divorce and child custody. It is essential to keep the process clean and do not make the situation even worse. To help you indicate any malfunctions in your device, do not hesitate and contact us.

Tampering, which may appear as spyware, unusual slow performance, delayed keystrokes, changes in your browser and its redirects, unrelated pop-ups, etc., can cause severe damage to your case. Our experts with years of experience have handled hundreds of such issues and know exactly what to do when facing them. Consult our forensic specialists to examine your media devices for the possibility that your privacy and confidential data may have been compromised.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services understands the importance of appropriate divorce and custody arrangements. Our specialists will analyze and find evidence for your side.

All you have to do is call our highly-trained customer service representatives now. Our support team is available 24/7/365, so they are ready to answer your questions or to open a forensic evaluation. We are happy to help at (888) 611-0737.