PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers a broad set of data restoration solutions for any media storage device. Our data recovery company repairs solid-state drives models to retrieve lost data with a 99% success rate. Our information recovery laboratories have advanced tools, convenient software, and resources to conduct accurate and quality drive restoring.

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New generations of Solid State Drives bring new challenges to the data recovery industry handled by our professionals. Our engineers are familiar with common SSD drive failures. They have already developed ways to recover data stored on SSD successfully.

Crucial SSD Recovery

Solid State Drive was accomplished in 2013. Its specificity was that it had more memory and also was not so expensive so that every user could afford it. However, as with any media storage, SSD has failure potential, just like all other hard drives. Some SSD models maintain a longer errorless life than others, but still, every device fails.

If you face a failure of Crucial SSD drive and want to recover your files, we can help you. The mishandling of the failed SSD can lead to permanent data loss. 

Major Models of Crucial SSD:

  • Crucial P5 series 
  • Crucial P2 series
  • Crucial M4
  • Crucial BX500 
  • Crucial P1 
  • Crucial X8

Crucial Solid State Drives can experience data loss when seemingly operating systems functioning just fine. While more reliable than HDD all around, these drives still suffer an internal physical breakdown.

Problems are ranging from bad sectors to electronic component failure. Our team of data recovery specialists and ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom facilities can recover deleted data from Crucial Solid-State Drives. It will be no problem to restore lost data from Crucial M4 SSD with our abilities, no matter if it is logically or physically damaged.

Features of Crucial Solid State Drive

Crucial SSD Repair

When it comes to available prices and incredible strength, Crucial SSD may lead the competition. Their universal flexibility to any computer system, no matter how old, is another defining feature of this brand.

Crucial solid-state drive reminds tech users of the ease that comes with such an affordable, universally adaptable storage device. We like Crucial for its incredible durability, competitive speeds, and stability. 

Crucial SSD Repair

Crucial Portable SSD

Nowadays, we store a massive amount of data on our devices: photos, videos, documents, etc. It is common to run out of storage, and a portable SSD can be a perfect solution.

External SSD is similar to an internal SSD, but you can carry it wherever you want to. It uses flash memory cells and is more convenient than an external hard drive.

Crucial (or Micron) Technology offers you two models of Portable SSD: Crucial X6 and Crucial X8.  Both devices are saving and protecting your information, but they are still fragile. 


If your device fails, please turn it off. If you try to restore deleted files by yourself, you can make the Crucial SSD recovery process harder. Instead of rescuing your file system, please apply for a technical evaluation on our website or call us. 

Our Crucial SSD recovery engineers will analyze your case to see what they can do. If our company can deal with your problem, we will do our best to restore lost files.

Data Recovery Process

Data loss is an event that has happened to everyone, willingly or not. Customers trust their problems to us, and we give a 100% rate of customer satisfaction. Our data recovery process is secure, reliable, and straightforward. 

The first step of our process is an evaluationIf you are uncertain about your data security, you can contact us and request an evaluation

We will review your case and see what we can do. If we are sure that we can help you with your problem, we will accept your device. 

The second step after an evaluation is diagnosticsWe go deeper in data loss at this stage, look for the best solutions, and work on a plan of action. 

Crucial SSD Drive not detected

After the plan developing, we take your device into the Cleanroom. In Cleanroom, we implement our program of recovery and restore lost data.  While data is recovered, we make sure it will be safe until you get your device back. That is why we keep your information in a secure center

PITS Global Data Recovery Services realizes how data loss problems can affect your personal life or business. We always take relevant measures to keep your information safe. Call our 24/7/365 customer service today or apply an online request on our website to set up your case.

Don’t hesitate to reach us for more information. Our customer service will be happy to help.