PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides businesses and individuals with top-level Asus data recovery and repair solutions. By working with Asus production for years, we developed efficient techniques to retrieve your files with maximum results.

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Our company extends its network of facilities throughout the United States to ensure that we can help our clients wherever they are. To date, we have 50+ offices and drop-off points all over the country, so we are ready to provide our services anywhere your Asus device fails.

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Professional Asus Recovery Services

Asus media introduced itself as a reliable and durable resource for data storage devices. With years on the market, these products only proved this statement and maintained a company’s reputation as a secure devices provider. However, as with any media, Asus production are exposed to failures. 

The collapse of the device can lead to severe consequences, including data loss. Important files can be lost due to logical, physical, or mechanical damage.

Data Loss Can Occur for Several Reasons, including:

  • Mechanical Hard Drive Damage
  • Damage to Electronic PCB
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Accidental Deletion and Human Errors
  • File Formatting and Corruption
  • Virus Attack and Malicious Programs
  • Environmental Disasters

Asus computers and servers often store a large amount of data and losing it can be critical. So, when failure happens, Asus users look for reliable repair and data recovery companies. 

Our experienced engineers have thousands of successful Asus data recovery cases on their accounts, and yours will not be an exception. Call us to learn more about our professional recovery services, and our customer service will gladly provide you with all information. 

What to Do When Asus Devices Fails

When a media fails, a user tries to solve this problem as soon as possible. To avoid extended work downtime and save money, people decide to retrieve the device by themselves. However, if your Asus drive stores essential data, it can not be a good decision. 

For this reason, we recommend contacting a certified data recovery company as soon as you notice any signs of unusual behavior. But before you do it, there are several rules you should follow not to make this situation worse. 

  1. Turn off the device when noticing signs of failure: strange noises, slow performance, or files inaccessibility. Continuing to use the drive after a collapse can corrupt your system and lead to complete data loss. So powering down your device is the primary step when facing malfunction. 
  2. Do not open the drive in unspecialized facilities by yourself. Asus devices have a complicated and tricky system, so it needs a review from an expert in the certified cleanroom. By repairing the appliance in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, we do not put your lost files at risk. 
  3. Using Asus data recovery software does not guarantee you a successful result. Moreover, unverified utilities can contain trojan horses, and viruses are not what you want to receive in a failure situation. So to retrieve most of your files, entrust your device to professionals. 

Sometimes, instead of making the situation more manageable, you can make it worse. So by powering down the Asus device, you will increase the chances for successful recovery.  

Our engineers recover data for many years and work with various operating systems, types of devices, and brands. We provide Asus users with a comprehensive set of services, including Asus laptop data recovery.

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