PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides professional data repair services for residents and visitors of Salt Lake City, UT. We have recovered hard drives, solid-state drives, flash drives, RAID arrays, and servers for decades with a 99% success rate. Performing data recovery in the certified cleanroom, our qualified engineers ensure to perform efficient data repair for your device

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides efficient data recovery services with ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. Top engineering expertise works for Salt Lake City area businesses and enterprises to recover lost data.
We restore missing data from business servers to irreplaceable family photos, maintaining a 99% success rate. Our data recovery experts can service any type of device, brand type, and failure scenario while using the latest technology. This way, we manage the efficiency of data recovery and data security.

We provide secure data recovery services for hard drives, solid-state drives, flash drives, RAID arrays, servers and tapes in Salt Lake City. Get in touch with us and get your data recovered today!

BBB accredited business
DUNS verified

As the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City is the state’s largest and most economically grown city. We have provided flash drive, SSD, and hard drive repair services to businesses and individuals in Salt Lake City for many years. And we will be happy to help you with any data loss scenario you face. Contact our customer service team at (888) 611 0737 to start your data recovery case, or click here to get started!

With simple and clear data recovery steps steps, PITS Global Data Recovery Services delivers high quality service to its customers. We operate worldwide and have years of experience in the field. You may rest assured that we will restore your data. 

99% Success Rate

Our company operates globally across four different countries and maintains a 99 percent success rate for all media data recovery.

RAID Recovery Services

Our engineers have years of experience and qualification in recovering data from RAID arrays. We have seen different cases, and we will help you out with yours.

Certified Cleanroom

Engineers at PITS Global operate in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom to ensure that no dust particles will affect the opened fragile devices.

Payment Plan and Five Service Options

We don't want anyone to lose their family photos or work documents. This is why we offer a payment plan and several service options for any deadline and budget.

24/7/365 Emergency Data Recovery

We offer 24/7 emergency data recovery services for businesses across the United States to minimize downtime and recover the required database in time.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Salt Lake City

Engineers of PITS Global Data Recovery Services specialize in Hard Drive Recovery and have helped over 30,000 computer users with their data loss. We realize the importance of data in the modern world and offer various data recovery options to suit any budget and deadline. This is why we offer different options for data recovery from Economy to Emergency and provide our customers with a payment plan option. 

Leave your failed hard drive with peace of mind with our No Data, No Data Recovery Fee Guarantee. Call us at 888 611 0737 right away to start your data recovery case.

We recover data from all hard drive types, including internal and external HDDs.

Dropped LaCie Hard Drive

External Hard Drive Recovery


Internal Hard Drive Recovery

Working in the ISO-certified class 10 cleanroom and employing state-of-the-art tools, we maintain a 99% success rate for hard drive data recovery. 

RAID Data Recovery in Salt Lake City

As with any other media type, RAID arrays can and do fail.

Note: RAID systems are mostly configured to keep working, even if one of the drives has failed. This is why they are considered the most fault tolerant. However, usually, failure happens on multiple drives, making the RAID non-operational.  

Luckily, nowadays, RAID data recovery is possible and has the same success rates as any other hard drive repair. Still, it is much more complex than hard drive recovery and requires years of experience for successful results.

RAID arrays are considered the most fault-tolerant across other data storage devices. Thus, we all tend to store our critical data on them. PITS Global realizes the importance of RAID data availability. Thus, our engineers perform a same-day evaluation and recovery service to minimize the downtime of your business.

We employ the latest RAID data recovery tools and recover missing data in the ISO Certified Cleanroom labs. This way, we ensure the security and efficient recovery of your data. 

Qualified Data Recovery Engineers

Each data recovery process starts with the evaluation, which is performed in our cleanroom lab. Here, we can define the level of damage and amount of resources the case requires. Each data loss case is different and requires a different data recovery approach.

Our highly qualified engineers will quickly and accurately identify the problem and define the way to retrieve files effectively for your specific case. Contact us at 888 611 0737 or by filling in the request help form to start your data recovery case.