PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers data repair and recovery services to Columbia City that are secure and handled by certified engineers. Our expertise lies in recovering data from hard drives, flash drives, solid-state drives, RAID, and servers. We make use of advanced tools, a professional data recovery lab, and specialized hardware to restore data from any recoverable failure scenario.

Our solutions are designed to protect your data, maximize recovery success rates and provide fast turnaround. We understand the urgency of recovering data, whether it involves critical business or personal information, so our experts work swiftly and diligently on each project. From emergency services to remote hosted storage options, PITS Global Data Recovery Services is dedicated to providing its clients with reliable and secure data recovery solutions for Columbia City.

Data Recovery Services in Columbia, SC 

Columbia, South Carolina, is best known for manufacturing, which is a major aspect of its history. Apart from manufacturingsome of the most economically grown industries of Columbia city are healthcare, agriculture, research, and transportation. All these businesses and individuals need technology in their day-to-day activities.

If the server or hard drive failure occurs and necessary data gets inaccessible, technology users try to access it as soon as possible. Luckily, our company maintains a 99% success rate in data recovery for all data storage devices. We also provide our customers with flexible service options to fit any deadline and budget by offering five turnaround options and a payment plan.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Columbia, SC

A hard drive is one of the countless widely-used data storage devices. Internal HDDs and SSDs are used in desktop computers, laptops, and RAID arrays. These storage devices receive, process, and basically store all users’ information. They provide us with quick and unlimited access to our data, so we are used to trusting all critical data to these devices.  

External hard drives are used when the internal hard drive’s capacity is not enough or when we want to carry data to access it from any other computer or laptop.

ways to fix hard disk drive failure

But no matter if it is an internal or external hard drive, it is exposed to failure as any media storage device.

Common Reasons for Internal and External Hard Drive Failure:

  • Improper Voltage
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Fire and Water Damage
  • Human Errors
  • Operating System Collapse
  • Overheating
  • Hardware Errors
  • Virus Attack

Regardless of the cause of the hard drive failure, our data recovery engineers can recover data from any hard drive model. Having years of experience in the industry, we have faced thousands of data loss scenarios and still maintain a 99% success rate.

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RAID Data Recovery in Nevada

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is considered a fast, reliable, and secure data storage media used by businesses and individuals across the world. RAID systems can suit any purpose and amount of daily data traffic.

RAID arrays usually come with fault tolerance, being able to operate when one or even two drives fail and giving peace of mind to their users. However, even this reliable type of media can cause data loss sometimes.

RAID data recovery is a highly complicated procedure that requires high skills, advanced data recovery tools, and a certified cleanroom facility. Our company has been specializing in RAID data recovery for years and still maintains a 99% success rate.

JBOD Drive Recovery

The List of RAID Arrays We Recover includes:

For those who need their files recovered as quickly as possible, PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides emergency data recovery services. With this option, the turnaround estimate will be only 8-48 hours. Contact our customer service at (888) 611 0737 or fill in the request help form to start your data recovery case.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to access the data stored in secondary storage, removable media, or files due to hardware failure, accidental deletion, virus or malware attack, physical damage to storage media, or other unexpected problems, data recovery can help. Data recovery involves retrieving inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged, or formatted data. It is ideal for you if you have important data that has been lost.

Various types of data, such as documents, photos, videos, audio files, emails, and other types of files can be recovered by data recovery services. Additionally, they can recover data from different applications or databases. However, the effectiveness of the recovery process is dependent on the severity of the data loss.

The ability to recover lost data depends on the type and scope of the data loss. While some cases can recover almost all data, severe damage may prevent any meaningful data recovery. Although data recovery services cannot promise 100% recovery, skilled technicians who use advanced tools and techniques have a higher success rate.

The duration of the data recovery process depends on how complicated the situation is and the amount of data that needs to be recovered. Recovering data may take a few hours or days for simpler cases, while more complex cases can take up to weeks. Your service provider will provide an estimated timeline after evaluating your case.

The price for data recovery services changes depending on factors like how bad the data loss is, the type of storage device, and how quickly you need it recovered. You might be able to get a free evaluation to get an idea of the cost from some services. Make sure to ask about all fees and charges before agreeing to a service.

Once your data has been successfully recovered, it is typically copied onto a new storage device, such as a USB drive or an external hard drive, and then shipped back to you. In some cases, if the amount of data is small, it may be sent to you electronically.

There are several steps you can take to prevent future data loss. These include regularly backing up your data, using a reliable antivirus software, keeping your operating system and applications up to date, and handling your devices carefully to avoid physical damage. It’s also a good idea to turn off your device right away if you suspect that something is wrong, to prevent further damage.

Yes, we understand that some situations require urgent attention. We offer emergency data recovery services for critical cases. Please contact our customer support team immediately to discuss your specific requirements.

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