PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers businesses and individuals in Taunton, MA, an extensive set of solutions. We recover data from various storage devices, including hard disk drives, solid-state drives, RAIDs, servers, flash drives, etc.

The Set of Our Data Recovery Services includes:

Our company realizes that having a professional recovery service provider nearby is essential. For this reason, PITS is expanding its network of facilities throughout the United States. With more than 50 drop-off points and offices, we are ready to assist our clients and restore their data anywhere they are.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in Taunton

A hard disk drive is a widespread storage device used in various appliances, including laptops, desktops, servers, etc. HDDs are used to write and read the valuable digital information of the user. Hence, facing data loss on a hard drive is complicated.

Many users try to restore the device themselves to access their files quickly and for free. Nevertheless, many of the options offered on the Internet can severely worsen the situation. 

Some repair tutorials offer to open the device and replace broken parts of it so that the files can be accessed again. However, without deep knowledge of hard drive systems, each step will cause more damage. In addition, opening the device in unspecialized facilities is not safe. Dust, humidity, and dirt may cause permanent loss of data.  

Hard Drive Recovery and Repair

Using unverified data recovery software on your hard disk drive is not recommended. Overwriting is one of the risks when using a restoration program on your device. Recovering the valuable files that another one overwrote will be impossible. Moreover, downloading and installing software on your fragile hard drive can insert malware. 

Due to all the complications caused by DIY recovery options, our team does not recommend taking any actions when facing a data loss situation. 

Instead, entrust your hard drive to a reliable data recovery company, such as PITS. Our company offers hard drive data recovery services and delivers high success rates. Engineers at PITS Global Data Recovery Services specialize in various types, brands, and models of hard drives.

We Successfully Recover Data from Hard Disk Drives:

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PITS Global Data Recovery Services does not stay in one place and regularly develops its recovery methods. By constantly upgrading our equipment and using the latest tools, we safely restore valuable data from the device. 

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RAID Data Recovery in Taunton

A Redundant Array of Independent Disks is a widespread data storage solution used in businesses of all sizes. Enterprises employ RAID due to its various advantages, including redundancy, data security, durability, and accessibility. Hence, RAID array has earned a strong reputation over the years.

Nevertheless, a Redundant Array of Independent Disks is not error-free. The system consists of multiple hard drives, which makes it more susceptible to data loss.

The array data will become inaccessible if something is wrong with several disks within your system. By performing regular scans and backups, severe data loss problems can be easily avoided. 

However, if a business still faces a file inaccessibility situation, it has severe consequences. Expanded downtime and loss of money are unavoidable. To get back on track at the earliest opportunity, you should entrust your case to professionals.

RAID 5 data recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers solutions for RAID users. Our technicians recover data from various RAID levels, achieving maximum results. 

Our RAID Recovery Services Include:

Our company understands all the complications of the data loss situation in a business. To deliver the solution as fast as possible, PITS provides an emergency data recovery. With this option, we will recover all the required data within 8-48 hours. 

We also realize the situation when a device can not leave its location. For situations like these, we offer remote and onsite recovery. This way, your data storage system will be restored without any transportation required.

Starting a recovery process with an evaluation, we thoroughly review the device and find the most suitable recovery strategy. This way, we perform the recovery at the most efficient level.

Start your data recovery process with our company by filling out the request help form. If you have any questions regarding our service, call us at 888.611.0737, and we will provide you with answers.