PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides businesses and individuals in Atlanta with comprehensive recovery solutions. Our team specializes in data recovery from storage devices such as hard drives, RAID arrays, and servers. We understand the importance of your data and take the necessary precautions to maintain its privacy and security during the recovery process.

Data Recovery Lab in Atlanta

Our technicians are adept at diagnosing and resolving issues arising from physical damage, logical errors, or accidental deletion. Additionally, we offer free diagnostic evaluations to help determine the most suitable recovery solution for your specific situation.

By choosing PITS Global Data Recovery Services in Atlanta, you can rest assured that your valuable data is in the hands of skilled professionals. We work tirelessly to provide the highest quality recovery solutions at competitive prices, ensuring you get the best possible results with minimal downtime.

Atlanta Data Recovery Services

Our company provides a reliable resource for Atlanta citizens through local offices and drop-off points. Atlanta area users rely on the convenience of local service at our well-outfitted facilities that feature certified cleanrooms and state-of-the-art data recovery labs.

Start Your Data Recovery

At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we have a team of expert technicians who specialize in retrieving data from different types of hard drives. They have a lot of experience and know how to handle various brands and models.

To make sure we retrieve your data quickly and effectively, we use the latest tools and technologies. These tools are always being updated to keep up with changes in storage devices. 

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in Atlanta

With years in data recovery, our company has earned a reputation as a reliable repair and file restoration service provider. We use secure and advanced methods to collect our clients’ personal information. Also, PITS Global Data Recovery Services maintains all requirements to obtain security credentials and for clients to rest assured that their recovered data is safe with us.

Hard Drive Failure Reasons

  • Human Error
  • Hard Drive Formatting
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Operating System Collapse
  • Viruses and Malware
  • Power Issues
  • Firmware Corruption
ata hard drive

The hard drive plays a significant part in a computer’s healthy work. These devices process and store all the information users receive, create, or change. Thus, the hard drive’s reliability is one of the most critical aspects. Our engineers regularly attend qualification courses and maintain certificates to be able to deal with any type, brand, and model of hard drives. We also provide our clients with top-level data recovery services for any type of device. When we receive failed media, we treat it very carefully due to its fragile condition.

However, no matter how durable the data storage is, it is still susceptible to failures. Hard drive malfunction is critical and can lead to complete data loss. Still, no matter what causes the malfunction, our engineers can work with any kind of error. We have worked with hard drives for years and have thousands of successful cases on our account.

Only We Provide Remote File Verification

Our file verification process via remote session is integral to customer satisfaction. Unlike other companies, we are the only ones offering this unique service. Following successful data recovery, we initiate a remote session that allows our customers to peruse and check their files on their own.

RAID Data Recovery in Atlanta

To make the data loss situation more manageable, our company offers an evaluation for HDD, SSD, and external hard drives. If you notice unusual behavior from the device, send it to one of our recovery labs via fast shipping. 

As we receive your drive at one of the recovery labs, our engineers perform the expertise of the device. The device’s reason for failure and level of damage will be estimated through the risk-free review. Afterwards, our support team representative will contact you and discuss the timing turnaround and price quote.

RAID 10 vs RAID 50

Request an evaluation via a form on our website, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We understand the urgency of data recovery and are here to help you.

Our team of experts will carefully assess your situation to find the best course of action, ensuring a safe and secure data retrieval process. We will provide you with an estimate for the cost and time needed based on our evaluation results.

Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks have a significant role in businesses’ storage systems. RAID arrays store a large amount of data, and their configurations are often deployed in NAS, SAN, and servers. Thus, when these devices fail, it leads to severe consequences, as damage impacts not only one user but all company employees.

Need Emergency RAID Recovery ?

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People try to fix their RAID arrays to solve the file inaccessibility problem at the earliest possible. However, this approach will not bring good results and will lead to complete data loss. These media devices have complicated systems and need a professional approach when they fail. Search for a top-level data recovery company instead of looking for free data recovery tools and repair tutorials. RAID Levels We Recover Data From:

RAID 0 Data Recovery Services

RAID 0 Data Recovery

RAID 0 Recovery
RAID 1 Data Recovery

RAID 1 Data Recovery

RAID 1 Recovery
RAID 5 Data Recovery

RAID 5 Data Recovery

RAID 5 Recovery
RAID 6 Data Recovery

RAID 6 Data Recovery

RAID 6 Recovery
RAID 10 Data Recovery

RAID 10 Data Recovery

RAID 10 Recovery
RAID 50 Data Recovery

RAID 50 Data Recovery

RAID 50 Recovery

Our engineers successfully recover lost data from failed RAID, whether it collapsed due to mechanical, logical, or physical damage. We achieve maximum recovery results by performing repair and file restoration in a Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. 

Contact us by filling out a request help form here or at (888) 611-0737. Our customer service team will gladly answer your questions and register your case. 

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PITS Global Data Recovery Services in Atlanta
Average rating 4.9
This company is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 89 review(s)
Jeff H.
February 26, 2024
PITS recovered all my files just as promised in the timeframe that was expected. Highly recommend.
Noah Smith
February 20, 2024
I had a 2TB Seagate external hard drive that suddenly wouldn't turn on anymore. It was full of family videos and important documents. I was pretty upset and didn't know what to do. My friend told me ... about PITS Global Data Recovery Services in Atlanta, so I gave them a call. They were super friendly and really professional. They recovered everything from my hard drive and saved me from losing precious family memories. I can't thank them enough!
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Caspian Thorne
February 11, 2024
PITS was incredibly professional and managed to recover all my files. Their service was a lifesaver, and I'm so thankful for their help
February 3, 2024
I spilled coffee on my 256GB MacBook Air, and it wouldn't start up. I thought I'd lost my thesis and all my music. I was really stressed until I contacted PITS Global Data Recovery Services. They were ... calm and reassuring from the start. They managed to recover all my data, including my thesis and music collection. I'm so grateful for their help and would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation
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Avatar of Samuel Newton
Samuel Newton
January 28, 2024
I had been searching for a data recovery company for a while and finally found PITS. With many positive reviews, I decided to choose them. My 5TB Hard Drive contained crucial business and governmental ... documents. After talking to PITS, I understood that this was the right place and they could recover all of my data. As expected, within only a few days, I was looking at documents that I couldn't access before through their verification session. They were fast, reliable, and, most importantly, got me all my data back
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Alexander Briseño
January 20, 2024
Great service, quick and accommodating!
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PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a trusted partner with the biggest names in the device and computer industries. This partnership shows that our security and work methods meet industry rules. We are known for our clear way of recovering data and our skill in retrieving data from really tough situations.