PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers businesses and individuals various media storage repair solutions in Danbury, Connecticut. Experts with years of experience will recover your data in cutting-edge labs, reducing the risks of damage to the device.  

Our Data Recovery Services:

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers cost-effective data rescue solutions to Danbury residents. Our professional team of engineers has been dealing with various data failures and has developed unique recovery solutions.

If you are in Danbury, Connecticut, and facing data loss, fill out a request form, and we will help you access the vital files. 

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Danbury, CT

A hard drive is a device used to store digital content and other data on computers. Each computer has an internal hard drive, but you can also use external hard drives to increase the amount of space on your device.

Recovery of Failed Hard Drives

A hard disk drive, often operating in laptops and desktop computers, consists of a rotating disk with data storage sectors. 

This data might be your operating system, applications, or any other file. There is also a read/write head that moves across the disk and reads the requested data. 

Being BBB Accredited, PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers reliable document restoration solutions to its customers. Our highly-qualified engineers perform numerous data recovery procedures on a number of HDDs and SSDs.

HDDs and SSDs That We Recover:

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hp recovery services

RAID Data Recovery in Danbury

RAID is a virtualization method that allows you to combine multiple disks into a single logical volume with better performance. It can be used as data storage with automatic backup functionality or configured as a highly resilient system.

If the system is set to data protection mode, then its capacity will be divided in half. In this case, half of the storage is used to store information, and the other half is used to keep a copy of it. If a failure occurs in one of the disks, a copy of the data will remain unchanged on the other.

Advantages of Redundant Array of Independent Disks:
  • Increased volume, the original purpose of RAID was to get a larger disk capacity.
  • Improve system performance by connecting multiple physical disks in parallel to an array.
  • The allocation of a separate device ensures fault tolerance and reliability of data storage for the purpose of redundancy. If one of the disks in RAID is damaged, no information will be lost.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers reliable RAID array recovery for Denbury. Our specialists are qualified to recover important files from a RAID array safely. We have equipped a state-of-the-art laboratory to solve our customers’ data access problems, whether file system corruption, logical destruction of the array, or the physical failure of hard drives. Our expert team of technicians performs restoration processes on various levels of RAIDs.

RAID Levels We Recover Crucial Data from:

A hard disk’s magnetic heads and platters are exposed to dust, fingerprints, and other contaminants in a typical environment. Therefore, companies involved in data recovery require the environment where they work with hard drive components. Our company provides safe and reliable repair services by working in a Certified ISO Class 10 Cleanroom.

Call customer service at (888) 611-0737 to request help with the data recovery, and we will safely perform it on our specialized facilities.