PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides Huntington Beach, California, citizens with a comprehensive set of file restoration solutions. This set includes retrieving lost files from failed HDDs, SSDs, RAIDs, memory cards, and other media storage devices. 

Advanced Services We Provide:

Extending our network of locations lets us provide faster and better services. Wherever your media fails, we are ready to have your back. At the moment, we have 50+ facilities all over the state. Our data recovery technicians will retrieve all your lost data anywhere you are.

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Hard Drive Recovery and Repair

Hard Drive Recovery in Huntington Beach

HDDs and SSDs play a fundamental role in every computer user’s life. Hard drive processes all the received, created or changed information. Hence, the healthy condition of these devices is essential. Unfortunately, internal and external hard drives are exposed to failures, leading to many problems.

Malfunction can happen for various reasons: logical, mechanical, or physical. But no matter the reason for failure, our data recovery specialists can handle any hard drive. Our team regularly attends qualification courses to be able to work with any hard drive type, brand, and model.

Hard Drive Brands We Successfully Recovered:

hp recovery services

By repairing hard drives in a Class 10 ISO Certified Cleanroom, we achieve a maximum result from the process. With our great services, your failed hard drive and recovered data will be saved. Call us to start your recovery case, and our customer services will be happy to help you.

RAID Data Recovery in Huntington Beach

Businesses all over the world entrust their sensitive data to Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks. RAID systems gained their reputation as reliable and secure storage devices. For this reason, its levels are often used in SANNAS, and servers, which helps provide more productive performance. 

However, these dependable devices are not bulletproof. Failure can happen for various reasons, and RAID recovery is a complicated and challenging process. Our data recovery experts have successfully worked with these devices for many years and can handle any failure.

RAID Levels We Recover Lost Data from:

RAID malfunction can happen unexpectedly and will have a lot of severe consequences. Collapse occurs in a moment, and the recovery process takes a lot of time. It requires attention to detail, individual approach, and high skills, so restoring RAID at home can cause severe damage.

Internet is full of free online data recovery tools, but these methods are very risky. Our data recovery company offers secure and efficient solutions for any data storage device, operating system, and file type.  

We provide our customers with flexible options to meet any of their deadlines, needs, and budget. For clients with time-sensitive cases, we offer emergency service. This way, all valuable files are received within 8-48 hours.

Our Recovery Options:

Your RAID array will be successfully retrieved with our state-of-the-art technologies, modern data recovery software, and experienced engineers.

When looking for recovery services, you look for a company to provide efficiency, security, and reliability. Our experts have all these features and are ready to help you solve your data loss problem. 

With PITS Global Data Recovery Services around, you can rest assured that your data storage device will be successfully recovered. Our highly-trained engineers, dedicated customer service, and professional developing team help us maintain a 99% success rate. And we will help you retrieve all your lost files and successfully repair your device.

Contact us via a request help form or call at (888) 611-0737. Our high-trained support team will register your case.